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TW GIOV Concert shoot
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UPDATE: I’ve upload a couple more shots to the post, and maybe will continue to do so. Check back regularly!

I had the opportunity last night to shoot True Worshippers (TW) Live Recording: God Is Our Victory. I’m sure you have heard of them somewhere. I have shot some of TW past concerts before, but last nite was waaay beyond. Maybe partly because I haven’t shot concerts in a long time, or because of the this little beast called Nikon D3, or may be because I was shooting alongside The ‘Dude’ David Axioo. Whatever the reason, I had so much fun last nite, and I also got to meet a lot of old friends. The atmosphere was amazing, and my lens probably only captured just a fraction of it. The released album is going to be awesome. Here are just a few of my favorites.

That’s David, me and Grace, some of the photographers for that day

One of my best shot, I think, in capturing Sidney’s emotion

Pongky focusin’ on the mixin’

On rehearsal time, the main light went out making this frame looks oh so very nice

David shot this when we tried each other’s ‘wife’ out 🙂

Rensis, the show’s director, was probably thinking, “hoo…booy…”

Uthe checking out her make-up backstage

You know those female journalists in the warzones, like Iraq, Lebanon? Grace fits the look perfectly 🙂

Chelsea kissing her dad good luck before he hit the stage (these kinda shots are the ones that made me fall in love with photography in the first place)

Sidney’s always a pleasure to shoot, since he releases so many energy on performances

The pastors are definetely very proud of the band, since one of them is posting pictures to his facebook page 🙂
(I hope I won’t get into trouble because of this, hehehe…)

“Excuse me sir, no smoking while operating the really expensive instruments please…”

Let’s play that game, ‘Whose Beautiful A$$ is it?’ 🙂

And last, but not least…

Boy, her boss should give her a raise or something, look at that enthusiasm! Hahaha… (Sorry Chiang)
David is supposed to post some of his own pictures also (I’m waiting Wie!)

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  1. Dude…love every shot!! Great work 🙂
    You captured the behind the scene so perfectly.
    Ok ok time for me to upload some shots too, so sorry for the delay Ward.

  2. Wah,wah,wah…bagus sekali foto-fotonya. Sayang sekali, waktu itu saya nggak bisa ke konser, hahaha…sukses untuk pekerjaannya. Semoga Tuhan pakai lebih heran lagi…SEMANGAT!

  3. untuk dapet informasi konser semacam ini dari mana ya? i always would love to come but i don’t get the information and how much the ticket cost…

  4. owww!!!!!!!!!!!!
    gak nyangka TW bisa sekeren ini !!!!

    gw kira nih hillsong loh


  5. Love your shots Edward…
    You captured the essences of the concert.

    You have been blessed with an incredible talent, keep it up n stay close to Him 🙂

    GBu Ward.