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Exhibition: Ecstatic and Sorrowful
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Those are the two feelings I have waking up this morning. Ecstatic because yesterday was a huuuge success, and sorrowful because I have to tear the booth down to night. OH NO! Huaaa…. This being my first exhibition, I never had such a feeling. I mean I have directed a couple of plays before where I was also the one who built the decoration and everything, but I never felt this sad 🙂

I now know how did the crew on the set of Friends feel, when they finally tore it down after 10 years using it as their ‘apartment’ at the end of their long run. I saw the video once. Everybody was crying, and they shot this side from end to end without nobody inside it. Kinda eery 🙂 And really sad though, seeing all that people come and go in that set making history. So Jennifer Aniston, I know how you feel baby. don’t cry…. (apasihgajelas)

So many people come and go and participate and talk and chat and laugh and cry (claiming they have no more money, kontrakan abis, susu abis, buat bargain power waktu lagi nawar sama Evy, hahahahaha….). Friends dropping by and participate in the little competition that we’re having. Good music, hand-picked by Victor, my associate photographer who in my honest unbiased opinion has one of the greatest taste around in anything artsy. Good lighting and ambiance. Couple’s coming in fighting which frame should they ‘tag’. Everything’s perfect. Don’t worry about coming in when there’s a lot of people inside. You’re gonna love the atmosphere and ambiance.

We still have one day left. Please make time to come. I would enjoy your company. I will be there lunch time till the end.
See ya!


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