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Exhibition: Recap and Photos - Part 1 of 4
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Hellow all,

I know some of you may have been waiting for the latest exhibition report. I departed for Bali a day after the exhibition and just got back, got a bit of sore throat and mild fever, so I have been resting to get back the stamina that was spent on the exhibition project.

The exhibition was a huge success (I think I’ve said that a million times already) – hahaha… This being my first, it is kinda special for me. All of my friends, even the guys at the office already encouraged me several times a couple of years back, but I never had the courage and determination to make it happen. I still lack the confidence, since I said to myself, “If I ever made an exhibition, it had to be ‘that’ good.” Until last year, when I felt, “Ok, this is it. Let’s do this.”

I deliberatly planned on doing something different. Maybe because I saw enough flowers on my day job (heehee….) and also on my space I wanted to expose and exploit what I do best: journalism. So I came up with this ‘gallery’ kinda space. With titles and words. The power of the images itself are going to give life to the whole exhibition.

The ‘tagging’ idea came up quite late, I guess about two weeks into the expo. Me and victor were brainstorming on what is lacking from the space. Little gimmicks that would give that special ‘spark’. When we got the tag idea, and realizing how cheap it was going to be, we sure felt like we hit the jackpot.

That’s the thing about ideas. I always said to my creative team: To have a big budget to get a big impact is easy peasy. But to have a dime budget and get the same, or even more impact is extraordinary.

I said a while back that what I am planning to do with this expo is to have fun and to be proud. And boy, do I have fun, and man, am I proud! I met a lot of new friends, old ones, people that I have shot before. We chatted, laughed, tagged and we had very good times. People were talking about my space, the fact that it was enclosed doesn’t keep people from coming in and have a look, my space was never empty, people always coming in and out and talk and look at the albums etc.

I couldn’t do a thing without my tremendous team behind me. Many people that dropped by, especially during preparation time, saw how close and strong was the bond between our team members. It was also something that I am very proud of at Edward Suhadi. The second day, after we closed the curtains to start packing, I took out the wine, to their surprise, and we had a toast to celebrate how successful these two days had been. ‘Make a celebration out of every victory’, said Jack Welch. And we will remember about this victory for a long time.

So again guys, thank you for dropping by, and be a part of our history 🙂 We’ll see you next year, hahahaha…. (capenyablomilangpadahaltapiudahmikirintaondepan)

Enjoy the photos, (taken by ESP team)

Preparation time

My Dream Team 🙂

Photos continued on the next post

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