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Exhibition: Recap and Photos - Part 3 of 4
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Me and the gang take a quick snap

This is the briefing time after day one ended

Some of the actual models also came to visit. Weird eh?

Isn’t this guy cute? Hahahaha…

Okay, so for those of you who probably wondering what were those little tags, it’s just a little ‘interactivity’ that we created for the visitors. All they have to do is just stick that little medal below the frame that they loved the most. It worked like a charm, people loved it! One red ribbon equals then blue ribbons. Do you see how much this little guy had? Hehehe… It had a good start, and well until the end of day two, the kid and the duck was still winning strong.

The space never looked empty. People kept pouring in and out.

The guys fooled around at the back, waiting to tear down my lovely booth 🙁

But in the end, it was over. We took out the wine, and had a toast, and admire the booth once again for the last time.

Elly joined the fun 🙂 I guess I was laughing because she lashed me for pouring too little 🙂

Somebody had to do the dirty job 🙂

It’s finished. See you next year.

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  1. How many tags can i use? Oooo so hard to pick. If i can choose one, i like the one with the grooms finger coming out the car window. Hmm, actually the boy w the ducks is the cutest!!