Exhibition: The Tagging Result – Part 4 of 4

So! Thank you all for participating with this little competition of ours. Here are the winners πŸ™‚

First Place:

Heres a better look on that First Place Winner (with a huge lead of 155 votes)- Die Duck Die!
I know a lot of vendors will be thinking of me everytime they see those ducks hanging πŸ™‚

Second Place: Rusly looking under the skirt (with 68 votes)

Third Place (65 votes)

Fourth Place (64 votes)

Fifth Place (56 votes)

So, is your pick the winner? Please comment!

4 responses to “Exhibition: The Tagging Result – Part 4 of 4”

  1. fred`s wijaya says:

    bro kocak abis broooo….
    kacamata nyangkut ke mata cowo tuh kocak abezzzz….sumpah ngakak gw ngeliatnya….


  2. Anonymous says:

    cool pix..loveee it!

  3. Jeanne M. Wigoena says:

    weee.. I really like your photos.
    Someday I’d like you to take ours.
    gimana cara tau price nya nih? contact Evy?

  4. Edward Suhadi says:

    Hi there, thanks for writing in. Yep, just contact evy at evyhwe@edwardsuhadi.com or call her at 08161391059

    Btw, cool blog u have there also πŸ™‚

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