So! Thank you all for participating with this little competition of ours. Here are the winners 🙂

First Place:

Heres a better look on that First Place Winner (with a huge lead of 155 votes)- Die Duck Die!
I know a lot of vendors will be thinking of me everytime they see those ducks hanging 🙂

Second Place: Rusly looking under the skirt (with 68 votes)

Third Place (65 votes)

Fourth Place (64 votes)

Fifth Place (56 votes)

So, is your pick the winner? Please comment!

Menikmati tulisan ini? Dengan berlangganan, kamu akan dapat notifikasi jika ada tulisan-tulisan baru.

4 thoughts on “Exhibition: The Tagging Result – Part 4 of 4

  1. bro kocak abis broooo….
    kacamata nyangkut ke mata cowo tuh kocak abezzzz….sumpah ngakak gw ngeliatnya….


  2. weee.. I really like your photos.
    Someday I’d like you to take ours.
    gimana cara tau price nya nih? contact Evy?

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