True Worshippers Glory To Glory Live Recording

Hi there, been a crazy couple of weeks so kinda late in the blog entries. Wish I had a machine that could post the things I shot, complete with retouching, resizing, and writing this very text 😀 We all have dreams about Doraemon, rite?

This one is when I was out shooting my good friends True Worshippers in their latest live recording in Istora a couple days back. As always, the house was full, the crowd was pumped, and Sidney’s a pleasure to shoot at. Since there’s already so many photographers friends covering every angle, this time I shot a lot of wide angles from a far. More pictures at my website.

9 responses to “True Worshippers Glory To Glory Live Recording”

  1. David says:

    wah . keren!
    kalau boleh tau gear nya apa nih 🙂
    kebetulan gw hobby foto juga.

  2. Van kenny says:

    Its just awesome cant describe it more.. Great work of an art!

  3. Shelvia Hendoro says:

    Edward, thanks so much for taking a part in the concert. Awesome pics (as usual…)!! Keep ’em coming 🙂

  4. Veny says:

    so amazing!!!
    awesome GOD!!!
    terus berkarya untuk kemuliaan Tuhan.. ^O^
    GBU all

  5. Mr.J says:


  6. Billy Yuriko says:

    You are the best.Bravo.It was my pleasure to meet & work with you and others as a team.hope to have other chance in the future

  7. are fantastic guys.When will you come back to Medan at GBI Medan Plaza? We miz u guys

  8. bamtri says:

    awesome!! eventough i cannt standing at the place. the spirit for God captured on your lens.

  9. Suka says:

    Terrific awesome…God Blessed!!

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