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The Tango Calendar
Edward Suhadi comment 4 Comments

I always loved this scene.

[youtube id=”F2zTd_YwTvo”]

Considered as one of the best dance ever recorded on film. Watching it for the first time, I fell in love with the tango.

Ever since I use my camera extensively, I always have little projects in my head about things that I really love to shoot. No clients. No rules. Just pleasing myself. Shooting two dancers dancing in the heat of the tango is one of them. So while browsing concepts for this year’s promotional calendar, I found myself coming back to this idea. After calling up a few friends in the dancers circles, I found Luisa and Elkin. They are both Argentinian, and both are professional dancers teaching classes.

The shoot itself was a blast. As I said, I only have one client to please: me. At first we started a bit nervous, but once the music started to play, we were both in our worlds: me with my camera, they with their dance. I have prepared a little sneak behind the scenes for you guys my loyal visitors:

[vimeo id=”10377751″]

I really had a good time. Love editing the results. Some of them dead-on, some of them, honestly, I know I could’ve done better, since we only prepared this in two or three days time. Maybe next year, with rehearsals, better props, wardrobes and moves? I will definetely will continue to shoot dances. This will evolve. Email me if you have any interesting projects about dancing.

We also managed to finished the calendars just in time for the Bazaar Exhibition (need to post that later) – they look gorgeous on your desks. The months are in Spanish, in the spirit of Argentinian Tango, with little facts about the dance on every month. Also we had a lot of inputs that people love writing notes on the dates (birthdays, appointments) so we provide a lot of writing space there. And as you all have noticed, this is, after all, already March (sorry ’bout that), so the calendar will be from April to March 2011.

Now, I am sending them out *free* – my clients and close vendors will definetely get one (some of you already did), but those of you who want it, please email your desired shipping address to with the subject [CALENDAR TANGO] – if we still have stock, we will definetely send you one. If you are a client or vendor and you wanna make sure you got one, email Francy anyway. And if you know someone who you think will be interested, please forward them this post.

Sorry international folks, I cannot send them abroad unless you are willing to pay the shipping fee (“What? A packet to London, England costs how much?” *pass out*)

So there you go. The lines are open… now!

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  1. Wahh bagus bgt calender nya! Gw pingin minta jg termasuk kategori luar Indonesia hahaha

    All d best yah kalian!
    Keep it up.

  2. Just saw the Video Clip of Making The Tango Calendar. it is nice and i love it the concept. Bravo Kk Edwards! 🙂

  3. it is Beautiful. What a beautiful art you’ve captured.
    I am happy to pay for it, but please send it.

    Please send the calendar to:
    353 North Colorado Place
    Long Beach California 90814
    (562) 439-1296

    Please, I want to pay for it. It touches my soul when I see the photographs. Please give me your address so I can send shipping charges.

    What a Masterpiece you’ve created,

    Lupe Lucia Ayala
    (562) 896-4533 Cell