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Bazaar Exhibition 2010 : Hanging iPads
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That’s how you get some attention: write a provocative title 😀

No, they’re not iPads. I wish. But they are also quite amazing to look at. These are LED panels, emitting lights from all its surface. The cool thing is, they’re only paper-thick, making them like something from the future. They are I think. In two-three years time it will be everywhere.

But for now, they were in my exhibition booth. As you guys have probably know, we participated in this year’s Bazaar Wedding Expo like last year. This year concept’s a bit different. As you can see, I still love the dark/ moody space. Lights can come out shaping the space better in dark rooms. The difference is that we used the panels as kind of a flying frames. I’ve had this concept a long time in my head, (before I was thinking of hanging portable media players) where people will have to maneuver between the frames. Glad that we can make this space a reality.

The colors on the frames are fantastic. Maybe the pictures here don’t do them justice, since the white balance is kinda crashing into one another (hotel’s tungsten with LED’s daylight) so I have to pick the middle value. But seeing them real, they really kick your senses.

I also had people choose their favorite frames. Reluctant at first, since I thought repeating a gimmick is kinda old, but thinking again, I think I’m gonna make this a trademark, a signature, that people will get to choose their favorite photo in most of my exhibitions. Scroll down to find out the winner.

Enjoy folks 😀

PS: Right now I am also preparing for MKE’s Exhibition in Ritz Carlton Pacific Place Ballroom, 16-18 April 2010 (this weekend). Drop by if you can. Cya there!

Proud with each one of these guys:

The winner:

Second place:

Here the guys poses with their favorite frame.

Tearing down the space. Always breaks my heart.

2010 bazaar Exhibition LED

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