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Technicals [NZ Road Trip]
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Now, my default mode on getaways is “don’t touch a camera”. That’s always the case. I want to leave and let my hands separate from a camera body for a while. But learning from my trip to Vietnam, holidays are kinda boring if you don’t have a ‘purpose’. Be it a list of places to eat, a book to finish, or circle around the island.

Hearing that New Zealand has been called the most beautiful place on earth, and I’m gonna be on it, traveling with a moving home, I know my mission.

Gonna make me lots an lots of photographs. And videos.

Yep, videos, I bring with me a shiny new D3s, a Nikon camera that takes videos just like Canon’s (bweeek). So, we’re shooting lots and lots of things.

For this trip, I’m taking the while shebang – lenses, tripods, flashes, cards. Lots of cards. All 88 gigabytes of them 🙂

We’re gonna wake up at 4 and catch the sunrise. We’re gonna sleep late and shoot the stars.

Who know’s I’m making myself a book and a movie after the trip 🙂

Me and Francy’s are proud to be able to pack all our stuff just into this one medium rolling bag for 2 week of stay. Yep, just a bag under 20kg.

Oops, boarding… Catch u guys soon. See ya!!!

Thank you,

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