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Halfway to Mordor [NZ Road Trip]
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If you guys open up and put in ‘Kingston, New Zealand’ you’ll see a small town right on the corner of Lake Wakatipu. Going north on the main road on the edge of the lake, somewhere there is where we park for the night with this view.

Follow the main road from Kingston to the left, there’s Te Anau, then Milford Sound, that’s where we spent the previous night.

Again, from Kingston, follow the road up ahead, then find Frankston, then go right, you should see Lake Hayes, and that’s where spent the night before.

You get the idea. This trip has been life-changing. I know – I know – I’ve said that far too many times. But there’s two main things that I learned about the trip:

First: People need to get away. My last Vietnam trip didn’t go so well, probably because of the similarities of the place with Indonesia, left us with an experience, but not a soul drenching one. This place however is so beautiful n so different, and we’re experiencing it with a completely new way, definitely left a mark on both of us.

I haven’t thought about work for these five days, which is a great feat for me since I always think of you all the time 🙂 It’s a good thing, I definitely feel my batteries are charging. I said to Francy, we must treat this sabbatical as a turning point, as a place where we think and decide about things that usually we can’t because of the clutter of daily life and pressures. Don’t make this just another vacation. Make it a turning point. So we made a few 🙂

And second: Life’s too short to live in default mode. This motorhome road trip has been the best decision I made for a long time. I had my doubts. Sure the usual ‘safe’ way of thinking comes up: “What if the car broke down?” “What if I had an accident?” “What if there’s some psycho come and break in while we are asleep, tied us up in his basement and skin us slowly to death like in the movies?!!!”

I’ve read somewhere that of all the worries of a human made in his life, only 95% became reality.

If we could just consciously make new choices, the risky ones, promise ourselves that we will not think in default, I think we all will live a more satisfied and fulfilling life. You could turn back and say, “Hey, I’ve done that.” “Yeah, that time it didn’t work, but I’ve give it a shot.”

And here I am, having the time of my life. No psycho killer yet.

And still, no sign of Legolas. Darn.


PS: We both gonna be jumping out of an airplane this afternoon, or tomorrow, weather permits.

I am not a brave man, but I’ll give it a shot. One thing to cross on my bucket list. Made a great story for grandkids, “Whoa Grandpa used to be cool!” 😀

Don’t you worry, I’ll still be there to take pictures of your wedding day 😀

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  1. Edward… I just read the newest status in your FB about the Skydiving. Yaaahhhh…sayang bangetttt….:( Gpp, nanti Francy aja yang nulis di blog soal experiencenya :D. The motorhome definitely inspires me about using one on my next trip.

  2. There is only ONE vacation destination I’ve been dreaming about since LOTR came out. … and you beat me to it!

    Well, say hello to the Rohirrim if you see any riding across the plains …. 😉

    Can’t wait to see your vacation photos! (and salam kenal untuk Francy :))