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Could you live without a home? [NZ Road Trip]
Edward Suhadi comment 2 Comments

As always, a trip must end. Traveller must come home. But according to author Tim Ferris in his book Four Hour Workweek, home is overrated. Home or a house, is expensive, hard to maintain, and in the end, you don’t really need a home. Now, imagine you without kids for moment for those who already have, answer this: “Could you live without a home? Traveling from exotic places to another? without a home address?”

Interesting. Tell me what you think.

Boarding now,

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  1. i think, there’s no one can live without a home…
    no matter how beautiful is ur adventure, how excited is ur next destination
    there must be a time that we feel tired and we want to stop or take a rest a while. at this time, we will feel that home is the best place stop or to take a rest.

  2. call me crazy, Edward…gue aja yg udah beranak begini nyaris berpikiran kayak gitu. Home buat gue bisa di mana aja selama gue bersama keluarga kecil gue.