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Well, I can't live without a home [NZ Road Trip]
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I wrote my previous post just before I board the plane. Thus, I never had the chance to write what I think.

I think, for myself, yes I need a home. But maybe in a bigger perspective, I need a life. 

Hanging out in New Zealand, or Italy, or Bali, for two weeks while cooking in campervans or sipping an umbrella drink with a straw on a beach is not a life. A sabbatical, a time away, yes, definetely, people need that like I said, but definetely not a life. 

Life is when you live your calling, learn new things, and plant seeds in other people’s lives. “Nothing that has meaning is easy,” says the dad in The Weather Man. Even the Tim Ferris in the same book closes with a chapter about ‘finding a calling, finding a cause’ while staying abroad between exotic places, without a home. Exception of course to people like, the army, or the Red Cross International who has passionate people working between countries. I mentioned this because I remember my old client-couple, they’re Japanese, but one day they’re in Aceh helping the tsunami, next thing you know, they emailed me from Kenya, Africa, doing other humanitarian work.

But beside that, us normal people, me, no, I cannot live without a home. 

And thank God, I am home now.

Thanks for reading,

PS: After tidying up some office work, I’ll definetely put up the pictures and videos I took in New Zealand on the blog. Stay tuned.

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