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Ricardo + Juliana Beautifully Imperfect
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While we wanted to look perfect for our mate-for-life, the opposite is true: nobody is perfect. This is a fact that we all know but somehow we tend to hide, not celebrate. Inspired by this video Ado and Juliana had the guts to do this concept I had in mind: Beautifully Imperfect. Not too many couples will be pleased if they had a concept that focused on their weakness and flaws, but as the video said, “It’s the little imperfections, that make them perfect, for you.”

Ricardo and Juliana, one brave couple. Kudos 🙂

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  1. Like this a lot! It features simplicity around the house, something that every couple will face for the rest of their days together. Some people said that pre-wed pictures are supposed to be glamorous and fancy, but somehow for me, I like simplicity wrapped in great concept, just like this one.

  2. This couple is my dear friend. I stumbled upon your blog and found this page. I love the shots you took for them. A very creative concept indeed (: And yeah, this couple is all about fun and they are comfortable laughing AT each other as well as with each other. The concept really suits them. I don’t think any couple can pull off such concept as good as these two. Cheers, Ed! This is one excellent pre-wed project. I’m proud of the results, the couple and you. God bless!!

  3. Sorry for being a grammar nazi. I think what you meant is Imperfectly beautiful. Beautifully imperfect means defective or ugly.