New Zealand Trip

Kiora everybody!

I just got back from the Kiwi Land (New Zealand) and I want to share some of my stories about this trip. By the of grace of God, I’m thankful for this opportunity, that at this young age (hah!) I could go to NZ without have to spend a dime. I got lots of many new experiences. I got to see these amazing views, ride with a bus full of VIPs, and taking pictures in turn for all 40 couples. Phew!

Praise the Lord that I can accomplished it well. Here are some of the pictures of that beautiful New Zealand. Since we’re travelling pretty fast from town to town, most of the pictures are taken from inside the bus.

7 responses to “New Zealand Trip”

  1. Wiwik says:

    …And Army of Rohan will answer 🙂 Awesome pics Hen

  2. Francy says:

    Looking at Henry’s pictures makes me wanna go back there to have an amazing road trip again…. and next should be in Summer *wink wink

  3. Leony says:

    Droooooollll…. I still remember praying at that small chapel many years ago. Really wanna go there during the Spring ( I went there during the winter last time and it was very darn cold)… Lucky you, Henry! And you deserve it.

  4. Ecky says:

    OMG look at those photos! Indeed New Zealand is a beautiful country, I went there on August to celebrate my Nana (in law) 100th birthday in Ashburton a small town just one hour drive from Christchurh. I will def go back there again visit other family and explore more. Oh did you try New Zealand ice cream? It’s the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted, even nicer that Australian ice cream :).

    Salam kenal ya 🙂

  5. Henry says:

    Hi Ecky… Salam kenal juga… Of course, i hv tried it, the vanilla one, at little ice cream store in Hokitika. its so delicious… 🙂

  6. Hecktor_setiabudi says:

    Great job Hen !!!!, awesome picture taken by profesional. Salam yah…. (i’m your classmate in Bina Nusanatara Class , hahahaha nice to see u man !!! Long time no see).

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