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Vincent + Melissa BACKYARD-ing In Malang
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Well, whaddaya know. Project Backyard only had picked up a very slow pace. Eventhough we always offer them to clients, there’s very little interest in doing it.

I was told the number one reason, errÒ€¦ correct that, the *only* reason for the turn-off is the fear that Edward never visiting the location will make the pictures turned out horrible.

I must say that the fear is ungrounded.

If you are someone that just want to shoot and get the check and then go home, then maybe doing the same thing over and over and over again is a good thing for you. But if you are someone that always want to improve and like to be challenged with fresh ideas, then you probably see new locations and ideas as a good thing to jump start your creativity.

It’s not the knowledge of the place that make the picture, it’s the vision and the eyes of the camera holder.

So people be not afraid. We photographers looove new places. Be brave. Take challenges. Be the first. Like the next couple here.

Ever since Vincent and Melissa listened to me talking about my passion about this Backyard thingie here, they have gone through great lengths to make it happen. I just love them already just because of their willingness to believe in my vision. Even though they’re not from Malang, but they have some friends and colleagues there, so we decided that Malang it is.

I have never been to downtown Malang, just the suburbs visiting a friend’s house once. So we did a research on Google and put some waypoints on the ‘touristy’ places and we go from there. I must say that the city is gorgeous. It’s kinda like Bandung way back then before the invasion of the factory outlets (don’t you just miss that Bandung?). Lots of old colonial buildings. Old train stations. Not too heavy traffic. Shades provided by the high trees. Becaks. And what I love the most, cool weather.

Like I said, the pictures turned out gorgeous, right? Fresh look, that old city feel. Even the heavens approved: a very hansome dog was sent our way while we were shooting the becak scene.

So Vincent and Melissa, I know it took faith to see things that yet cannot be seen, so I thank you again for believing. I hope more will join the religion πŸ™‚

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  1. Great pictures, great clients, great makeup, great city, great weather…. And absolutely great food πŸ™‚
    The one that I can’t forget “Bakpao Boldy”
    Gak nyangka ternyata wuenakkk pol

  2. Hm.. We thought since you are an “Apple addict”, we should go to the Apple City, Malang heuheuheuheu..
    Anyway, Me and Melissa can’t thank you enough that you made our pre-wedding photos so great.
    we are honored that we can support your “project backyard” program.
    Can’t wait to see you and ci francy again soon and take our wedding photos =)

    Vincent & Melissa

    PS: you forgot to mention the foods (rawon nguling, mie gang jangkrik, ice cream toko oen,..). They are the best.

  3. should definitely come back to Malang! it’s my hometown and there are still lots of other great if not awesome places for photo-shoot! πŸ™‚