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The 2011 Doggie Calendar + A Video
Edward Suhadi comment 19 Comments

As you all must have been aware by now that I love dogs. I love how they play, love how they wag, love how they lick, love how they think, love how they show you what’s love all about.

So by the end of 2009, I was thinking, “Wouldn’t it be cool to have all these friends of mine, people who are in my line of work and are really good at what they do, to sit in front of my camera and take a portrait with their dogs?”

I made a few phone calls, but the time wasn’t right at the moment. I folded the idea, put it in the drawer. So actually this project has been on my mind for more than a year. Like Barney in How I Met Your Mother would say, “Wait for it…”

This year, it’s different. We have enough time, Belinda from SIEM loved the idea, and some phonecalls that I made gave very positive results. “When can you start?” “Your place or mine?” “Let me introduce you with Adrian, he’s a huge doggie lover.” (that last one was Jo Widira, Kay Moreno’s wifey)

All the time I was doing this, lugging my mobile studio door to door, I was having so much fun. A lot of times when you’re in a profession that you’re good at, it’s likely that you’re doing it quite often. And doing ‘quite often’ most likely means that you’re losing the fun. He’s nowhere to be seen. The way to deal with this? Do personal, passion, throw-your-money projects like this one.

To my surprise, everyone was opening their doors, including people that I have only shook hands once! We might started out as strangers, but by the end of the shoot, we’re completely carried in conversations about our dogs. What I love from the people that I shoot, is that their love for their dogs are real and genuine.

And the dogs themselves. Oh my! Big ones, short ones, tiny ones, hairy ones, we got ’em all. They bark, they drool, they scratch, they shed. But hey, they’re dogs! These are what they do! I just love-love being around them and shooting them.

I completely satisfied with the result. I am sure there’s a lot more better portraiture out there, I know, but this one comes from the heart. And I love shooting, editing and retouching every piece.

Thank you for all the friends who are willing to give their time and attention to this little project. Thankfully every single response I’ve gotten is a positive one, since a lot of them never had their picture taken together. I was glad to be of service.

Belinda and Siswanto of SIEM Offset also has been a great-great partner. In design meetings, Siswanto cool-calm-experienced style had gotten me to my senses when my egoistical point of view surfaced 🙂 A lot of the design you see in the calendar was his call. And did you look at the print quality on that thing? This is top notch stuff 🙂

Still with me? Okay, here’s my labour of love:

All that gorgeous portraits printed into a calendar, who will accompany you throughout the year. I deliberately did not show you the design to spark curiosity 🙂 Now, unfortunately, we only have them printed in limited amount, and they’re not for sale. We only hand them out for our customers and friends, but dissapoint not! You could win them by following @esuhadi on twitter and answer some trivia that we’ll post time and time again. (But for today, we’re giving away 10 calendars for the winners!)

I learn three things from doing this project:
1. Do passion projects. You need a break from the routine. Recharge. See different things.
2. Collaboration is cool. You’ll make new friends. Be sincere and truthful. And we all can reap from it.
3. Dream and deliver. I wouldn’t thought this would happen, that I would hold this calendar in my hands. Started from an idea hatched somewhere inside my brain cells, it has come a long way to become something that is sitting on hundreds of desks right now. People dream and wish all the time. But few could deliver. We still need to learn and learn on the deliver part.

I hope you like what you see, and like I promised, here is a video showing how we pulled this off. See? Fun is everywhere.

[vimeo id=”19171879″]

See you all on next year calendar project!

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  1. Greaaaattttttttttttt jobbbb Edward, Francy,mas mas lighting, Belinda and everyone in these pics …… especially all those 4 legged friends, Adrian’s trouble maker are gorgeous, loooveee Iceman, gak kalah handsome ama ownernya ….. love how macho is Hansen’s Cupcake ….. Rizal’s Alexa Chung is soooo well groomed, kayak orangnya …… and Sakamoto , is sooooo elegant, the Ms. Universe among dogs… and Woofy is goofy, just like Awie ….. and most off all off course I loooooveeeeeeeeeeee how Edward shoot this love of my life , Boobaa …….. gorgeousssss…… fabulousss…….. she is 13 but looks like 1 with no touch up…. so proud of Boobaa….. thanks Edward….. thanks everyone …. look forward for next year issue …..( and this is still January ) ……

    Kay and Jo

  2. Ward + Francy …love the end result of the calender!!! Two heads are better than one definately :-)) Thanks for your patient waiting for the calendar to be ready from the printshop 🙂

    Totally agreed with Jo… Our four legs friends are totally awesome… and my heartly thanks for all our friends who makes this calender a dream came true… Nefi, Budi + Rizal, Becky, Wawan, Adrian, Ian + Vira, Iko, Hansen, Yung2x, Fenny, Awie and Kay. A dream is only a dream without the implementation. Cheerssss !!!!!

  3. Wau, kreatif sekali…………..
    Ga mudah tuh bisa fotoin doggie………..
    I love your calender….

    Terus maju ya Ewa……….

  4. wow bener bener keren boch, memang nggak gampang sich fotoin doggie, apalagi si Adrian dengan trouble makernya pasti repot banget tuh he…he..
    Thanks Edward for nice picture of my Alexa, nggak nyesel dech difoto ama Edward he…he….he…
    Looking forward for the next project.

    Rizal and Budi

  5. Edwaaaarrrrrddddddd, Siiisss, Belindaaaaaa n Francy…………. emang elo2 bener2 niat….. Two thumbs up, man!!!!….. The result is sooooo amazing. Remarkably TOP d….
    Semuanya keren2. Just wondering… if the owner looks like the dog or the dog looks like the owner?????..wkwkwkwkwkwk…. To all the participants… you guys are truly dog lover so the saying dogs are men best friends becomes reality in this calendar….
    Edward, you have shown your passion and it was a memorable moment working for this project. so I woof all the people who had planned this project. Last but not least, to all the dogs: keep woofing, wagging, scratching, drooling, barking, etc ..etc……. love you all……

  6. Thank you all for dropping by

    We also really enjoy doing the photosession

    Now our dogs, Leica & Ollie have so many friends

    Maybe next time we shud arrange a party for our doggies hahaha

    Let’s rock with our woof woof


  7. Definitely fun, crazy, and creative project ed!! gorgeous dogs and owners are beautifully captured! well done ed! hahahaha… the next project, please don’t let us, your clients miss out the fun too!!! hahahahahaa… and thank you for the calendar! love it!! prolly the most creative calendar I’ve ever received hahahaha…

  8. Marvelous!!! I am a great dog lover too. Currently I have 2 mastiffs, German and American. Unfortunately I do not tweet. Admire your passion and the great work.


  9. hahahaha.. the most funny part: latest 10 seconds.

    pas ada background percakapan “Tadi dia ngaduk tempat sampah, trus jatoh”. LOL.