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Ariawan + Renilda Wedding Celebration
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Hey guys, it’s Henry again.

This time I want to share to you the pictures of one of my best client. Renilda is the sister of Sieska, which is the VIAO girl, if you still remember her. We have a very good relationship with the family, and naturally when Renilda was planning for her wedding, she called us up.

I am very honored since they pick us to handle both of their blessing in Semarang and also their reception in Jakarta. It’s a big responsibily for me not to let them down, so I gave them my best.

Both of the family was very receptive and warm, I felt like a part of them, maybe because of the good relationship we have all these years. Apart from the fact that he’s from Kudus, Java, Ari is definetely one of those well-mannered, kind hearted guys.

There’s a twist here, Renilda is best-friended with Yosi Project Pop, and the family arrange a surprise appearance of Yosi singing in the middle of reception. That was wild 🙂

I love shooting them, love editing the pictures, and I love sharing them to you now.

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  1. Halllooo!! such an honor to be shot on my special day with this amazing team!& to be in this blog..** hehehe..
    Thank you for the beautiful shots Henry, Jacob and team..i love every single one of it.. really really really totally completely (u name it).. MADE my day!
    these guys are not just like any ordinary photographers..they not only care about taking good shots..But, they actually care about their clients..they’re the most humble photographers we’ve met and really made us felt special and calm on that overwhelming day..
    they actually help us getting thru some rough stuff that made me teary that almost ruined my make up =) – (esp.Henry for the flower and dress incident)..thank u..
    i am SO GLAD and LucKy that i had them as a part of my lifetime memories.. can’t thank you enuff!!!!
    All the goodluck in the world to you guys.. You’ll going to make a lot of couples happy and lucky..just like me and ari.. =D