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Ronald and Catharine in Truly Balinese Fashion
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This one is a little special.

When shooting clients, I always asked around on what makes them special, what advantages that they have that others don’t. Well, it turned out Ronald’s mom is a true Balinese lady, and the family is big and proud of this heritage.

We went to this authentic Balinese village in East Bali, and had Mom pull all sort of strings to allow us to shoot there. Also I asked for a bunch of those pretty Balinese children to accompany us for the shoot.

We had so much fun! I couldn’t stop playing with the kids, learning their songs and games. Ronald and Catherine themselves are also a very casual kinda people, so we ended up playing around more than shooting I guess 🙂 With all the fooling around, the pictures turned out really cool and accentuate the Bali heritage, which is exactly what we’re aiming for.

Clearly one of my most unique experience shooting in this island. I have to thank you, Ronald and Catharine for that!

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  1. I just love all the shots. Very relaxing to see them in the most casual romantic way. Some people preferred glamorous outfits and settings for their pre-wedding theme, but these shots definitely bring something fresh to the table.

  2. This couple is very unique.
    I always remember when Catharine had to pose and laugh in front of the camera, she made a funny voice.
    I said to Edward, “This girl is a REAL CLOWN.” (of course in a positive meaning).
    Usually Edward has to entertain couples to make them smile.
    But with this couple, the girl is already making her own jokes HA..HA..HA.. and make all of us laugh.
    You can see from their BIG SMILES captured in every pictures.

    Ronald & their big families are very nice and kind-hearted.
    We really had a good time in Bali.
    Ayu, one of Ronald’s cousin is also very helpful & informative giving us direction.
    We are very thankful that you both have chosen us to shoot your memorable moments.

    I believe you both will have a great marriage life as Catharine has brings so much joy to Ronald and the other way around.


  3. dearest, ronald & catharine……

    CONGRATULATIONS on u’r Great n luvly WEDDING…..

  4. Hello it’s me, the narcisistic bride. (insert big toothy grin)

    I want to express my eternal gratitude for this amazing team of people that is Edward Suhadi Production.

    I have never been professionally photographed. I know some of you think that I am a model because Edward did such an amazing job but I am not (my kinda joke.. laugh here).

    Usually If I am not as comfortable with the people I am with, I tend to be grandeur in providing a fake smile (which you can spot it’s fake from a mile away). However, Edward and Francine were such genuinely wonderful and hilarious people that I can’t help but smile naturally throughout the day. Professional as he may seem, deep down Edward is a tickle me Elmo toy. For those of you who don’t understand, Google helps.

    The first time I met Edward, honestly speaking I had high hopes in the quality of his work (because of this blog D’OH!). I was surprised with the fact that he was so personable and we made such a connection because he exhibits such a creative working mind unlike others.

    Edward continues to amaze us even on our wedding day with such patience, easygoing self and agility (nice snake pose on Shangrila grass – thumbs up). I adore people who can poke fun at themselves and not take life too seriously, partially because I am like that, but most of all, because at the end of the day these are the types of people I want on my wedding process, people who fill your life with love, fun and laughter.

    I could not have asked for more on my perfect wedding day and pre wedding portraits because these images captured all those and more.

    Thank you so much Edward Suhadi production! Tossss!

    P.S: Yuki said Assalamualcium!

    Catharine (and some Ronald)

    1. Dear Lord the girl can write.

      Can I just copy paste your comment and switch the subjects? 🙂

      I *love* being a part of your wedding. I can’t stop laughing. Kalo ga ada temen2 crew yg lain lg nungguin, gw ikutan sampe kelar de after-partynya 🙂

      We definitely shud have dinner. Lemme work something out.

  5. Edward,

    It’s ur blog, u can dance, u can cry, u can do whatever u want and more. I mean everything I said in there!

    I am also talking to the bridal party about doing a reunion so we can all relive the fun and good times we had. (Bu Panci included)

    Thanks again!