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My last night #IMESP
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This is my last night in Halmahera, and I am back to where I came from. 

I am now in Toro Subang, the first village that I visit. The children here, as I have said extensively, have stolen my heart. I promise them I will stop by before I came back to Jakarta. I am now fulfilling my promise. 

They screamed to their lungs seeing me come back in a boat. They helped me with my bags and things, and we instantly played games till afternoon, and then we swam in the crystal clear waters until dark. 

I then take a bath in the village well, with all the children and the village girls (yum). Yep, they still do that here, bathe together with just a sarong on their back. Imagine that? Me and the kids with all the bubble while the teenage girls with sarong giggling my way? It’s my first experience, and I am loving it. 

Now, with a fish as high as my waist, and some corn of course, we’re preparing a barbecue feast with all the host family and all the children. Francy is stripping the corn hair beside me as I write, while exchanging jokes and chats with the kids. Me here sitting on the floating porch (of the floating house), looking at the sea. 

It’s the essence of why I came here, this porch. It’s so quiet and still, with waves of the seas hitting the supporting beams beneath me and the wind on my face. In my work life, my other life, things need to have function, activities need to have goals. I couldn’t imagine myself sitting on this porch and doing… nothing. But I am a fast learner. With two weeks plus on my sabbatical, I know how to slow down. Just sit down, ponder and think about, what I am going to do in the next 15 minutes. 

I have shot countless images, videoed hours of footage. And as an independent observer, I must say that this movement, Indonesia Mengajar, is true to it’s soul. Many movement have a very different application in the field from it’s concept. Not this one. U have seen the teacher inspire and be inspired. Those are two main missions of why they are here. 

I come home with ten new brave brothers and sisters whom I proudly say my fellow countrymen, and I come home with this little family in this little island, somewhere in the seas of Indonesia. I’m ready to come home and do work that matters. 

I am thankful, that me and Francy have found what I came here for. 

Woudl love to write more, but the fire and the fishes are waiting, and I wouldn’t want to miss any minute of it. 

Cheers from Halmahera,
Edward and Francy


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