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Presenting the results #IMESP
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Tommorow, Handry, Henry and myself will be presenting the pictures we shot on the Indonesia Mengajar Trip to Mr. Anies Baswedan, the founder of the foundation and its whole team.

Believe it or not, because of my crazy schedule, today is the first time I had a complete look at Henry’s and Handry’s work on their journeys.

They blew my mind away. And I mean, really-really blew my mind. They were first-class, five star work on photojournalism.

Francy even had tears looking at some of Henry’s pictures, since the emotion and the story behind it so strong you can just ‘understand’ what is happening.

I am more than proud to have them as collagues. It’s like everything they learn from their days of shooting weddings is applied into a totally different game, and the results is astounding.

We’ve had some talks with Indonesia Mengajar about a possible exhibition displaying the pictures we shot. I will give all I got to make it happen.

Would you guys come if there were such a thing?

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  1. Funny how I stumbled upon this entry and only saw the last line about the exhibition, as I was actually saying to myself “Edward should hold an exhibition for that trip” – and voila!. So yes, I will most definitely , no no , I will definitely come to such exhibition.

    If only I am in my early 20s, I’d take a year off to teach for those kids.

    Can’t wait for the exhibition~!