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From The Ritz to Toro Subang
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This afternoon while I was shooting a couple here in Singapore, my wife texted me, “Evi from Indonesia Mengajar just asked me, would you like to share your experience in front of the Pengajar Muda Class II tommorow morning?”

Would I?

Is Nikon better than Canon?

I’ve been wanting to meet the Class II (the second batch of Pengajar Muda leaving for new territories) since I got back from my trip. But I’m having the busiest schedule ever. Like, ever. I have never been this busy. I even had a hard time finding time for my gym sessions and diet programs.

I wanted to share how much. How I think they will find happiness there. How the trip changed my life. How I am so proud of them for taking this path. How a kid’s smile is so energizing, so powerful to the soul. How a piece of my heart will always will be with the villages I visited. So, so many I would like to share. But by the look of my schedule, it’s not gonna happen. I even had to miss their Open House event last Saturday since I was shooting a wedding here in The Ritz Carlton Singapore.

So I think, “Well, just like the song: You can’t always get what you want. Maybe I’ll meet them in other place someday.”

Than the text came.

For you who did not know the answer, yes, Nikon is better than Canon.

So as soon as I’m leaving this boarding room in Changi, I’ll fly back to Jakarta, go home, prepare my presentation, sleep for a couple of hours, then off to meet Class II.

Can’t wait.

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