In the course of a couple of days, my three closest friends experience the three stages of life.

One: Birth. A dear friend Billy just had a kidney her mother donated transplanted into his body. At such a young age, this means a great deal to him, since now he is off the dialysis machine. A new life.

Two: Marriage. Yossy and Yenny has been dating quite a while. Nine years if I recall correctly. A couple of days ago they said their vows, witnessed by God, families and friends, along with me and Francy. A joyous experience, they finally made it.

Three: Death. Ferdi is a long-time friend. One of those that you know early in life but sticks to you until now. Those kind of friends are becoming a rare thing. His father, whom I know quite well since I was just a kid, passed away. Sad, nevertheless, the family has been strong.

I’m not sure what I am going to say about these facts. Perhaps it is what it is.

C’est la vie.

Menikmati tulisan ini? Dengan berlangganan, kamu akan dapat notifikasi jika ada tulisan-tulisan baru.

One thought on “That’s life

  1. I read about Billy a while ago, his testimonial on surviving with only one kidney. I guess that kidney didn’t work anymore so he had to get the transplant. Thank God that it went well… I saw his picture posted on your account last time.

    My boss said, there are two things that are certain. 1. All human beings will be dead, and 2. Changes. Your writing today had proven it again.

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