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Farewell Maureen!
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Today is both a sad day and a joyous day.

Sad, because Maureen, one of our first designers, is having her last day working here. Joyous because looking back, we felt how much she has been a great part of us in the Edward Suhadi office.

She met the love of her life, a Finnish, so she’s going to leave Jakarta and start a new life in Helsinki, which happen to be the most liveable city in the world, according to the latest surveys. The girl knows what she’s doing, eh?

Anyways, we started the day by surprising her with a room full of farewell banners, baloon and messages chalked on the wall. Some of the gals even shed tears writing the words down, coz you see, she’s been with us quite some time: five years.







You see, we planned the whole day to be perfect for her, so we have prepared a whole of activities to pamper her throughout the day. First one is by me: I’ll be doing her make up, so she will look great for the whole day.

All these years watching Mbak Ade, Willy and Susy doing their thing, I must know a thing or two about putting on make up. Here goes:






Not bad, eh?

Then, the next pampering service knocked on the door. It was Yoyo and Toni from the video department, giving Maureen a full shoulder and feet massages, before Edwin came with a glass of hot ginger tea, just like the pros did it 🙂

Yoyo has never touched another woman’s leg other than his wife’s, so the amazing experience was quite mutual.



An hour later, another knock on the door. It was Henry and Yacob, dressed up as professional manicure ladies, giving Maureen the much needed nail polish.




Another hour passed by, then her favorite snack came: Rujak! With an extra portion of pinapples 🙂


The office hour was coming to an end, but we still have one more thing under our pockets.



We closed with lovely-teary goodbye wishes for her, then we said a prayer together to wish her every hapiness that she’s leaving to find.

Me and Francy was also quite emotional. Being one of the first mates to join the team, she’s been through a lot. Like Maureen said in her speech, “I was here since we were still eating beansprouts stir-fry most of the week, since we were still in a small room cramped together, since we all still use Windows. Now we have great food for lunches, a comfty office, and we looked like we could afford new Macs easily. It’s just… I feel that I’m part of the journey that brings us to where we are now. For that, I am grateful.”

I thank you Maureen. For every pages, every face and body that you made perfect. For sticking with us when times are tough. For being fast and ready. For giving us great designs everytime. For the five years of your life.

Hahaha… *emosionil*

I love it when people leave my side. All and each one of them going away as a better person than the one coming in for her first day of work, that I can guarantee you. People come and go. You can’t do anything. When they go, it’s just that their time is up. Don’t be bitter; be thankful for the times that was allowed for the two of you to spend together.

I bid you farewell Maureen. Lucky gal to live in the most liveable city in the world (I’ve said that, haven’t I?) – I am sure a new greater chapter is unfolding. The best is still definetely yet to come.

No goodbyes.

See you later.


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  1. cici Maureen… makasi ya dah designin album prewed kita, Vincent & Melissa in Malang hehehe seperti pesan yg di atas “designer super cepat” hahaha dengan hasil yg memuaskan dong tentunya! hehehehe sukses yaaa disana 🙂

  2. hix hix…. tears drop.
    yeppp…. life must go on, better future is waiting for you out there.
    we pray there will be another day that we will make a reunion & visit you in Helsinki… yeayyyy!!!
    thanks again Moren to be apart in ESP.
    ESP now is because you have give so many supports to us.

  3. I do not know Maureen personally, but her creative work will forever be treasured in the home of my family. I know Maureen through the pages she has created through my wedding album. Pages by pages of memories that although she was not a part of, she has managed to capture so well in its design and photograph placement. The album was a well put together puzzle of the unforgettable day. I am grateful that someone so cherished in the Edward Suhadi family was a part of my wedding journey. Thank You!

  4. Walaaaahhhh…. aku yang gak pernah ketemu sama Maureen jadi ikut teary juga pas baca posting ini… HUA HUA HUA HUA :((…. Especially on the part whe she said her speech….beneran…gak kuku… *ikut emosionil*…

    Dear Maureen, all the best for your upcoming wedding. Setiap orang kreatif pasti bisa survive di dunia ini, apalagi orang sekreatif kamu. God bless you!! *wah, aku gak bisa merasakan sentuhan tangannya Maureen dong yaaa…