William + Irene Wedding Day

This is one cute couple.

The thing I always remember about Irene is when she pulled out her own chopsticks on our first lunch meeting. I thought, “Oh my God she’s one of those OCD type (remember Monica from Friends?) Turned out she was preserving the environment, by not using wooden chopsticks. Ain’t that neat? 🙂

We shot the prewedding in Bali, where she turned from boyish slack kinda look to the omygod how pretty you look! William couldn’t agree more when I suggested to continue with that style everyday, hehe…

On their wedding, you can clearly see they invested a lot of their life into other people’s. The bridal party, the family, and the friends shouting encouragements in the church ceremony, they all gave this glow whenever William and Irene was around them. That’s when you can really tell that these people are special. One of the best wedding I’ve shot. Love being around these people.

PS: They had this whole ‘save the environment’ thing for the concept. There’s a huge green earth on the lobby, and lots of vegetables were used for the decoration. They even use broccoli for the bouquet throwing. Neat 🙂


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  1. aris a. says:

    broccoli for the bouquet throwing? They take ‘go green’ to new level. May God bless them with happiness. Great photos by the way.


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