The Finland Wedding with The D3s

Hi guys, Henry here.

Forget about everything Edward just said. It was nice to have a 17mm on your side 🙂

X100 or not, it was an awesome day. I had a lot of fun shooting Maureen and Antti on their most important day. Hope you guys can catch a glimpse of that day happiness through these pictures I took.

Read Edward’s take on the same wedding here

3 responses to “The Finland Wedding with The D3s”

  1. Leony says:

    Hen, like your pictures too!! Btw, itu si Evy jadi instruktur poco poco dari atas panggung ?? Mantaaabbb!!!

  2. Veny Lai says:

    No offense to the holy grail Nikon D3s, but the pictures Edward took with the Fuji was on par with these!

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