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The Finland Wedding with The X100
Edward Suhadi comment 11 Comments

I’ve told you how much I love the Fuji X100. Read the whole love letter here.

I knew Maureen saw too much pictures from my ‘ordinary’ camera that she will definetely welcomed the idea of me shooting her wedding with only my new X100. And she did. I was so excited for the wedding day since it was the first time I shot a wedding without a DSLR. Sure Henry was backing me up with the D3s, but on that day I told myself that I was the only one there to shoot the wedding. Don’t screw up.

It was both fun and somewhat revolutionary. Like I said in the love letter post, the X100 has: one focal length, slow shutter speed, and no blurry background (3B – Belakang Blur Blur). That leaves me totally with nothing but the basics of photography. No gimmicks here. It is documenting, capturing moments as they unfold on film (well on cards nowadays).

Seeing the results, I kept asking: Are these pictures too simple? Are they wrong for not having the 3Bs and crazy focal length? There’s a tendency to say yes to these questions, but I realize that it was because of all the ‘noise’ of the current state of the photography industry. Back then, the legends of photography only had way less than what we had now, but their pictures speak so much more power and beauty.

Having a chance to shoot a wedding with that ‘toy’ camera was an eye opener.

I tried to do at the core of what I was supposed to be doing: telling stories with my camera.

Too much stories to tell about that Finland wedding. From how we prepared everything by ourselves, loading the decor into the truck and making all the table centerpieces from the flowers we picked fresh from Antti’s garden, up to how friendly the people got in welcoming us into the small town of Kihnio. In another post, I think.

Read Henry’s take on the same wedding here

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  1. Hi Edward and Fency , jempol 2 buat kalian , sy bangga sama kalian . luar biasa. kompak . Foto bagus ,make up bagus . penganten Happy  Gbu

  2. Make upnya rame-rame ?? Seru bangettt!!

    Francy, suka sama kacamata bulet-nya!

    Edward, dasar seniman, anda tetap saja menghasilkan poto-poto keren!!

  3. Love it! It’s the ‘pure essence’ of what a wedding is all about… no distraction from grand ballrooms decorated to the hilt and crowds of non-intimate friends :). Amazingly beautiful. I got choked up just looking at the photos, even though everyone is a stranger to me.

    1. It really is the simplest wedding I’ve ever attended. Believe it or not, I made the decoration the day before with a string and a stack of fresh flowers. Everyone is pitching in and do what they could. Definetely will not forget this easily. 

  4. Edward, these pictures are amazing. My fave is the one by the dock/ edge of th lake. Gilaaaaa reflection awannya mant banget. Crazy as. Kudos to you. It really is the man behind the gun.