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The Finish Line
Edward Suhadi comment 2 Comments

I’m trying to imagine how it would feel like to be one of the Pengajar Muda right now, most of us on our last day.

Standing there on the dock, with all the children that have been with me the whole last year long. The first time I was there they can barely read and they live with violence everyday. How much has changed. Fitri now can do math faster than any kid I know, and I know Alfi has been a protector to any kid that got bullied.

I’ve changed too. My views of life and what matters the most in living this little time I have on this earth. Plus now I’ve got a very extensive course on leadership, not to mention parenting for my own kids later. And I can warmly remember that there’s a period in my life that children were calling me ‘Pak Guru.’

Hopefully I’ve done all I can. I know in years to come I will regret the moments that I have not.

All I can do now is that praying, hoping, that my successor is miles way better than me. Let me be the loser. These kids need constant inspiration. My time here is only the very first groundwork.

Thank you kids for everything. Hopefully I’ve contributed something to your future. I know I will see you when you are all grown up and be the men and women that your family and this country can be proud of. This place we all call home need you badly kid.

Once again thank you. I did not teach you a lot. You did.


That’s how I would feel.

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  1. Semoga Tuhan, bangsa, dan negara ini makin memuliakan kalian semua, wahai para @pengajarmuda nan mulia.
    Semoga murid2 kalian kelak akan memberikan kemuliaan dan keagungan bagi Tuhan, negara, nusa bangsa ke seluruh penjuru dunia.
    Semoga segala kebaikan kalian semua akan diteruskan bergenerasi-generasi selanjutnya. Dan tunggulah imbalan tak terhingga dari Sang Maha Segalanya..

  2. Mas Adhi, i am shivering and almost tear-dropping. It’s a very touchy letter you wrote.

    Standing applause to you.

    best regards,