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Another Malang Couple: Geoffrey and Grace
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I’ve shot in Malang previously. People often said, “Malang? Are you sure?” Well, there’s plenty places to shoot. It’s a very beautiful city btw, kinda like Bandung before all the craziness. And to top that off, this gorgeous prince and princess couple made my job oh so very easy. Yes, you two 🙂

Little note: I know Geoffrey ever since he’s just a little boy. His big sister is a very good friend of mine, all the way from kindergarten. Really. So it’s kinda amazing to shoot him know, all handsome and grown up, since I remember him in as very different, very young boy in my earlier life.























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  1. All of these photos are cute. You’re really a good photographer. It doesn’t matter where the places is, you’re success to illustrate an ordinary place such as pasar burung become a beautiful picture. Keep the good working guys 🙂