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On Vision and Making It Happen
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Whoa it’s been a while since I post any tutorial in this blog. I guess I should’ve done more of these.

This frame is taken from one of my latest prewedding with Rafael and Iona. After a lot of talks, and knowing Iona’s fondness of Korean drama series, I decided we could replicate scenes from cliche Korean dramas. Girl’s crying, boy’s running, you know the drill. Here’s one of my favorite catch. And girl, you’re quite a sight 🙂

What I want to share with you is, this frame above of Iona I had long seen in my head, long before any shooting take place. I could nailed this shot just as I wanted because I’ve seen it before. How I will shoot it, how I will frame it, and how I will treat it in Photoshop. This is very important to us art-workers. We need to ‘see’ before we create something. Otherwise we’ll just like a boat going where ever the winds, the currents and the trends take us.

There are two things that people buy from art workers. One, they buy for that vision in our head, and two, they buy how our hands will make that picture a reality.

If we only have either one, we’ll either be someone with amazing visions but no work to show for, or someone with a lot of work but without a distinct style or taste. We’re not complete.

A true artist will always strive on how to have them both.

Again, 2012 will be about that.

Okay. Enough yapping? Here’s the step-by-step on Iona.

This is the raw, out-of-the-camera file. See why I love Nikon? 🙂 Look at those colors.


Here's the image after some level adjustments and some dodge and burn


Here I apply some yellow layers to get that sunny, korean cuteness feel


Add a screen gradient layer at the bottom to get that burned frame look


Hit Google and translate any love poem into Korean. Put 'em up, and we have a beautiful frame ready to go.


Be careful on putting titles. Wrong choice of words could be disasterous.


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