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Fredy and Nonie and Their Dreams Came True
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UPDATE: I made a video of what’s going on behind the scenes on shooting day.

Can’t wait to show you guys this one.

Fredy and Nonie is a photographer+make up artist combo here in Jakarta. They basically work alongside us in the wedding world. Check out Fredy’s great work here. He’s one of the great new talent whose work I respect a lot.

When they asked me to get their prewedding pictures taken, I asked them how would they like to join the revolution. They said yes instantly.

This series of pictures is kinda like my proof that prewedding concepts can totally look different and done different from what we had known before, and still we’ll make images that is fun, pretty, and I think, memorable.

This whole series were made in the course of one day, inside the studio. We started not too early, and finished not too late (but even with this schedule, Fredy and Nonie managed to take a nap after the lunch break, leaving me scratching my head, hahaha…)

What I love about this concept is that it breaks all of the conventional preweddings rules (fewer wardrobes, shorter hours, one white background location) but still managed to get lovely images that represent the couple.

This is not to say that all I ever want to do from now on is shooting on a white background. On the contrary, the previous prewedding I shot for Michael and Jennifer took a lot of locations and involved a lot of people I think it’s one of my preweddings that involved most work and energy.

There are ways to do things differently. The images could be different, executions could be different, the hours could be different, and even with those, you could end up with attractive, powerful prewedding portraits.

Thank you Fredy and Nonie for believing. I had so much fun and I am proud to call these images mine.

[vimeo id=36460637]

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  1. Paling suka yang JAVANESE!! Ojo isin isinnnn…

    PS: pas ngeliat yang 60’s Fredy nampak seperti Bimbim Slank…. hihihihi *mintaditabokdehsaya*