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Always Have A New Lover
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I sometimes worry when I play favorites. As in when I boast on my twitter/facebook/blog about how I find a new couple’s pictures to be the best ones I have ever shot.

I felt like the cheap bastard, moving from one girlfriend to another. One day you were so happy that I was adoring your pictures, telling you how great you look and how I never shot pictures like these before, but then you read on my blog how I have moved on, and how much more I love the next girl that I shot next Wednesday.

Well, at least that’s how I used to feel.

But now I realized that always having new favorites is crucial, if not everything, in my creative life.

It means that I am constantly doing better jobs, I’m taking better projects, I’m seeing better and I’m executing better.

It means that I am not hanging on past successes and I am overtaking myself over and over again.

It’s a really-really bad sign if the best pictures that I can show to people are the ones that I took three months ago, or worse, a year or two years ago.

Would you hire someone like that?

It might felt crappy to be the yesterday’s girl. But imagine being the tomorrow’s one. Wouldn’t you expect me to shoot you better than the previous girl? And so is the story of my life 🙂

There will always be clients that are very special (yes you reading this), pictures that I took that will stuck with me my whole life.

But I will always be looking for a new lover.

Like Stephanie right here.

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