What My Bedroom Door Taught Me

I bought the house I currently live in fresh from the hands of a local builder that, unfortunately, are known for his low quality of work.

Apart from the cracks on the wall, the uneven cement surfaces and the tilted wall sockets, there’s this one thing that really bugs me.

My bedroom door cannot shut properly.

Because the guy was using cheap wood for the door, as times goes by, it dries up and got expanded. The door must be pushed really hard to get it properly latched to the frame, and it must be pulled really hard to get it opened. Plus it makes a loud ‘CRACK!’ everytime.

This has been going for almost four years. Every single day.

Everytime I come in from work, go out for a drink in the middle of the night, sneak in when I get home to a sleeping wife, get out early dawn when I leave to shoot a wedding.

Unless I make a conscious decision to get someone to tear down the wall surrounding the door, then put in a new, good quality frame plus a door that won’t bent, this will continue to happen through all eternity.

Even though it is most unlikely, I often hope when I get my hand on the handle of that door, by some sort of miracle of the right temperature and humidity, this time it just swings open smoothly and oh so silently.

That never happened. For almost four years.

Everything in life will continue to do what it has been doing unless we are doing something about it.

But people, regardless they’re religious or they do not believe in God at all, often hopes for miracles.

Miracles of wealth, of good fortune, of success, of good health, of romance, of good relationships, of things that will, miraculously, correct itself.

We hope, this time, with our hand on the handle, the depressing bank account, the always failed projects, the so-so life, the high cholesterol, the lonely saturday nights, the no conversations family, will just stopped doing what it has been doing. That this time, it will just swings open perfectly.

But that never happened. Could be for the next forty years.

Unless we do something about it.


*looking for a good builder*

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  1. Erwinludony says:

    Udah kalau gitu jual saja , cari tanah aja or rumah tua bangun sendiri….Gw jualin lagi lah 50 % kasih cuan hoho…( something you can do differently) … T

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