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The First Free Advise We're Going To Give You
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The first free advise we’re going to give you if you want to take your business to the next level, is to grab a seat at for this Show and Tell weekend. You will learn so much about sales, marketing, running a business, running an office, shooting the right way, behaving the right way, feeling the right way, I think it’s a no brainer.

Don’t be the person who says “But it’s too expensive.”

I used to be that person. I like to think, “I’m not paying for a workshop. I can get free stuff on the internet!” or “Hey, can you just share stuff for me? I’ll buy you dinner.” or “I better bought a new flash card than a $400 online course. At least it’s something real and I can touch.” or my favorite, “I am so not buying a 400k book. I can look up its PDF online and read it there.”

Something along the way happened, and I started to *understand*.

Valuable things will have some value. That is how the world works.

I started paying for stuff. Investments. Online courses, softwares, workshops. Classes and trainings for the office crew. I asked Becky Tumewu to come teach us how to talk. Yes, I am paying someone premium rate to teach me how to talk.

But you know what, those things opened up my eyes. There is value in those things I pay. My business changed, my way of thinking (very important) changed. I definetely see my seeds have bear fruits. And it’s not the ones that I will get if had paid nothing for them.

Too bad a lot of us, mainly because of the internet, think that now everything is available everywhere, for free.


Just compared these things:

An internship working with a pro photographer (low pay, blood and sweat, long hours, the attitude to make the guy trusts you)
Buying his book for 200k (price of a movie+dinner+1 shopping item)

Attending class of proper digital imaging, learning channels and color balance (traffic, paying classes, your time)
Downloading pirated Photoshop plugin that will give you the same, cookie-cutter look

Paying $2500 for a field trip with Steve McCurry (the guy who took this photo) to the jungles of Myanmar
Reading his blog online for free
(PS: Late 2010 there’s such a field trip and I was this close of going but the schedule did not work out)

You see the world of difference? They might look the same in a quick glance, but definetely not when you have experienced it.

So why am I writing this?

Just a little encouragement for the 7 million price (even if it’s included a night at Padma Bandung, which is one of the nicest cribs you’re gonna get in the city, plus meals for two days.)

Can you afford it? Absolutely. Your camera bag alone is worth more than 40-50 million at least. You have a marketing girl, a car, and probably an office. And you charge people at least 10-15 million for a session.

Do you want to? Now that’s a whole different question.

Well, probably for some people, the unwillingness to invest and to value is why their business is stuck at the first place. So it’s like your own private cirle of evil.

Think about it.

Will we lower the price even it’s not a sold out? Absolutely not. That will be getting across the wrong point. But we’re willing to persuade and encourage, to teach a new generation of photographers/business owners about how understanding value will change their business and life.

Registration opens tommorow, Tuesday, March 6 at 10 AM.
By phone only to Kinsky at 0819 08777700, Faustine at 0811 9931171, and Evy at 0816 139 1059 – Seats are limited to 30-40 ppl.

Read the whole information and FAQ on the weekend plus info on how to get a totally-free scholarship seat here.


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