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Show and Tell: Phoebe Buffay, not Don Draper
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I’m a sucker for Mad Men.

I think there’s no other show more beautiful ever graced a television set: the dresses, the suits, the rooms, the rum, the smokes, the body figures, nothing ever come close in a matter of style.

But what makes the show even more appealing for me is the fact that they’re advertising men (see? m-Ad Men).

I grew up wanting to be a copywriter, a creative director, just like Don Draper (the main character in the show).

I remember vividly I was in my early high-scholl and already I’m flipping pages of The OneShow catalogue, and said, “I want to be the guy who wrote these great commercial titles.”

Like in the show, they spent hours and days trying to figure out that one line for their, say in one episode, Belle Jolie lipstick. And when they got it, they had this presentation for the clients, and after the speech build-up, there’s going to be a long dramatic pause, before they say, “Belle Jolie…. Mark Your Man.”, leaving the clients impressively stunned.

So back then, the idea, the title, is very valuable.

This is how I imagined it would be when I grow up to be a creative director: I’ll write something from this genius brain of mine, I’ll keep it close to my chest so no one will see, then I’m going to present it dramatically, and make jaws dropped all over the room.

As it turns out, those kind of presentations never happen.

Internet happen though. There’s an overwhelmingly connectivity nowadays in social media, forums, blogs, and YouTube how-to videos, ideas have never been cheaper. Just google a topic and pretty much you’ll know everything about it without any effort. There’s no more trade secrets. So much information is available that with a little research you’ll know where your competitors are buying their supplies, how much is the profit, how many they are selling, and so on.

And every original idea you have thought of, most probably someone else had done it before.

So the idea, the secret, is now worthless.

Now, what’s more vaulable than ever is our ability to make something actually happen. Not just concieve an idea, but how you actually deliver the idea, how you maneuver obstacles, how you put down a launching date and ship it out the door.

Saying, “I have this amazing idea…” does not mean anything right now (how many times have you heard that one before?). Saying, “There are 6 couples who booked me for that amazing new concept we launched last month” means everything.

This is where I think all the sharing and all the talks will help you a lot. So we’re not actually teaching, or telling you what to do (selling you the idea) – but rather sharing what we have been through and all the lessons and tips and trick we’ve learned along the way.

We don’t think we’re more successful than all of our other friends who’s gonna come and join us, but probably we’re here first, which give us a head start, and probably we had a couple of things right, and we want to share them with you. And most definetely, we also want to hear and learn from you, your stories and your experiences.

So instead of Don Draper of Mad Men selling, it’s gonna be more like Phoebe of Friends sharing. Definetely with the laughs 🙂

We’re closing registration at this Thursday on 5pmthat’s 4 days from now.

We can’t wait 🙂

Our operators are standing by:
Kinsky at 0819 08777700, Faustine at 0811 9931171, and Evy at 0816 139 1059

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