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Show and Tell: How It Went
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After just under three weeks of preparing things, we managed to pull it off.

Me and David has been talking of this for like forever but like a lot of other projects, a very long elaborate planning usually hurts and keeps it from really happening. This time, after a lunch and a couple phone calls plus a dozen text messages, we finally kicked it off.

Twelve people registered. We first aimed for 30 even 40 people, but due to the short time of notice and a couple of other factors (price is a big thing, more on that later), we’re really happy with our twelve. We know that this is a model for the next, bigger, even better thing, so we are happy for this relatively small number. Also, we believe that those who come, are the ones who really supposed to be there.

Padma Hotel is a beautiful thing. With it’s drop down valley view complementing the huge windows, amazing architecture, beautiful woodwork everywhere we see, the constant cool breeze, and make your-usual-workshop-buffet spread of food blush (we had a barbecue dinner), it’s the perfect example of one important thing we would like to share: value. We believe that if we train ourselves to always give the very best, it will reflect to our business, our quality of work, and our vision of where are we going.

Me, David and Ivan poured our heart out. I started on vision, on setting the right course, on not going to use other people’s dreams as ours. Then David continues about believing the dream, about practically nothing is impossible, and the story of Axioo from a brand that nobody ever heard of until what it is now. We then shared about branding, about getting potential clients to hear about our business and brand. David closed the night with sharing about the work culture inside Axioo. He choked into tears telling how what he has dreamed about his dream office has come to pass.

In the second day, Ivan took over. He focused on practicality, on preparing the shoot of the day, on being the best photographer you can be. He then have a demo on how shooting a prewedding session. After that, David shared tips on creating products that blow the customers away, showing what Axioo has done with theirs. The three of us then shared how to prepare an out-of-country prewedding session, starting from planning to the actual shooting day.

We closed the day by summing things up, and then asked the participants to promise in front of everybody what are they’re going to do when they got back home.

Between the sessions, on coffee breaks and dinner times, each of the participants was allocated a time with each of the speakers, providing them with a chance to talk intimately about their specific business, getting advise and different views on their problems and situations.

It was a very intense, very resourceful two days. I imagined myself sitting there as a participant five, six years ago, I think my business will get so much out of this.

Is it worth the price tag? “Absolutely.”

Insights from almost all the participants are almost unanimous: this one is different. Many workshops share about composition, gear and how to shoot, but rarely (maybe none for now) of them is about pricing, budgeting, vision, attitude, work culture, marketing and product design.

Is it worth the price tag? “Absolutely.”, all of them said when asked that question. Would you come again? “Definetely.” Are you going to tell your friends? “No doubt about it.”

Another unique thing about this workshop is the fact that the speakers are from two very different companies. Axioo and Edward Suhadi are two different animals, even though we share the same core, the same foundation, which is why we are doing this in the first place. Through this example, we show that there are no sure formula or model to be a business. Each leaders have a different vision, have a different set of views on defining success, and you, the participants, must make your own too. Me, David and Ivan agree that this is a unique fact that makes this weekend so powerful.

Kudos and hats off to all the committee. The three of us might get the spotlight, but as any of us know, the real heroes are the ones working without credits behind the glamour.

Kinsky, Christina, Faustine, Adam, Billy, Evy, Lisa, thank you. You guys set an example of amazing characters. Me and David definetely are lucky bastards in having you guys.

When so many things can go wrong because of ego and pride, everything worked out smoothly without a single incident.

Special note from me to Ivan: What energy do you have man. That fire in the belly. I always wonder how you could pull off tens of projects without even blinking. Now I know. I learned so much watching you.

Special note from me to David: For somebody so powerful and influential, it’s inspiring to see how humble you can get. It really does shine from your heart. I need to learn that more.

I am definetely proud of the two companies. When so many things can go wrong because of ego and pride, since we are actually competing in the same field and each of us think that we are the best (haha!), everything worked out smoothly without a single incident. Everybody was doing their job, and without pointing fingers we worked seamlessly hand in hand in making sure the show ran smoothly.

Again, I am really-really proud of this fact. I think it’s a very rare quality that me and David as the captains need to continue to preserve and cultivate.

In the end, thank you to all who believe. We sincerely hope last weekend is a milestone in your business’ journey. We gave all we had, now it’s your turn to make it happen.

See you at the top, GO DIAMOND!


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  1. ih ini debut aku lho muncul di edward suhadi blog! hihihi! nice writing and i seriously had a fun weekend, grateful for every new friends i made. love love love! 😀 Lisa got a flingggg.. ;p 

  2. Seems like a very intimate and inspiring gathering! Congrats guys.
    Here’s to the 1st batch and many more to come.
    Oh and great shots too!

  3. “Always believe  in the dream”
    Mimpi saya semoga event seperti ini ada versi genericnya jadi saya bisa ikutttttttttttttttttttttt ^^

  4. huaaah, Bangganya.. ada nama gua disana. i learn a lOt from sesi-sesi yang diBerikan. well.. nanti check ON my blog ajah for my Testimony… wait.. i’m redesigning it.. 

    well, alHasil dari ikut show and tEll, Wow, bisA bilang kalau sekarang mempunyai insight Yang Tajam On certain subjects, dan lebih mempunyai visi yang jelas. THE fear become less. dan Tentunya rasa takut On surviving  bisnis wedding ini, menjadi berkurang banyak Puol.

    kalau ada lagih… Ikut dong mas ^___^ps: read the hidden message – read the capital letter