There’s Five of Us Now

I am as proud as I can be right now.

This is one of the core thing of why I am expanding Edward Suhadi Productions. I never had dreams of vast wealth when opening up this shop (and I’m lucky enough to meet a wife that think so too). To tell you the truth, I’m more kinda like a small shop guy that likes to have a lot of freedom for doing projects and my other interests. Shooting only 2-3 weddings a month is enough for me. With my rate, it’s more than enough. No huge overhead costs. Lesser risks. A small staff with only Evy selling. I’ll be content and happy.

But I decided to grow in size, to add more people. Because even with all that I write above, there’s always this very strong kick inside me about developing people. Good, you-deserved-another-shot people, that might be not as lucky as me, born into a wealthy family, equipped with talent and showered with chances.

It’s my life-long passion of teaching, of inspiring, of mentoring, of kicking people in the butt. No better view than to see the people under this roof working hard, giving their best, hand in hand as a team to accomplish a common goal. I’ve mentioned this before. People that a couple years back might not be the same with what I am looking right now. People that now take amazing pictures, have great self confidence and leadership. People that wear nicer shoes, get married and start payments for their own home. All from working here.

It is the greatest joy of my life.

And that’s how I am going to build this place. Brick by brick.


Today, we’re launching three more photographers into Edward Suhadi Productions. Besides myself and Henry, now we have Yacob, Lisa and Loloque. They are the guys (and gal!) that’s been shooting weddings with me for years. We laughed together, shared great moments together, shared bad days together, shooting difficult situations together, until one day I realized that I had given them all I can. It is time for them to write their own book.

I’m not going to start to sell soya sauce here by saying that they are the best of the best, but they are a lot more better and professional than most photographers that you can find these days. They have clocked countless hours shooting, and learn so much while doing so. They had shot every weddings you can imagine, from extravangant VIPs ridden parties to the small private ones in Bali. We had internal workshops to share our difficulties and sharpen our eyes. We’re getting better and better on each projects.

I sincerely believe there’s this whole line of adventures ahead of them. I wish them a lot of luck, a lot of fun and all the great clients they deserve.

If you can, please take a look at their work and consider them for your (or a friend’s) upcoming wedding and prewedding.

They are ready. They just need believers.

And before all else happens, I thank you for believing.

Check out their personalities and work.


4 responses to “There’s Five of Us Now”

  1. kemarin baru ngobrol sama klien prewedd yang nanti weddingnya pake ESP, i told them to check out cool girl LISA-SAPI! xoxo my senior in high school

  2. atrina says:

    selamat ya mas …. senang bisa ikuti perkembangan nya … 
    keyakinan yang kuat untuk menjadi besar .. 
    God Bless all of you @ESP …

  3. Perfume says:

    Thanks for this post.

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