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Leaving For Ambon
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April usually is the slowest month of the year in terms of business, so me and Francy are lucky enough to be able to decide for ourselves that we’re going to take a month off every year to travel for ourselves. Like last year’s Indonesia Mengajar Trip.

This time, we’re heading out to Ambon.

I have only visited Ambon once, being a guest to Evelyn, an Ambonese, who was that time were marrying Victor, our first photographer. It was a pretty little town, with great skies and beaches. A lot simpler way of life. And some pretty amazing landscapes.

I can’t wait to visit Victor, now settling down with Evelyn and their daughter Nala on this little beach town 🙂

Other than family visits, my plan is to shoot a lot of personal projects there. Probably a short movie, portraits, a lot of landscapes, and island hopping while trying out my underwater camera 🙂 I’m open to any project ideas and locations you guys can give. Shoot me in the comments below.

I also have a plan to document a lot of great locations to persuade you guys to take prewedding pictures there. It’s practically Maldives baby 🙂

I tried that before, but that did not work, since I don’t have enough pictures to show. Hopefully I can convince you this time.

Oh, and Evelyn is opening up her own coffee shop, which I heard is pretty darn busy. I wanna try waitering 🙂

Let’s see what stories and images I can come back with 🙂 I’ll see you soon.

All business are proceeding as usual. Evy and the gang will be here for you. By the way, have you heard the news?

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