Our Calendar for 2012

It’s been four consecutive years that we Edward Suhadi Productions prints our own calendars. For our own use, and also to give away to our friends and clientele.

Last year calendar was so amazing in concept and execution that we’re really worried about whether we can top it off or not.

But I think in the spirit of getting better every year, we pulled it off. This year is one of the best one we have so far. This opinion is based on a barge of compliments and comments from people that have received it. They love-love it so much 🙂 The form element is unique, kinda like a stack of cards on your desk. And also we made huge spaces in the days, so you can write down birthdays and appointments on it. People love that.

We take the theme Lessons From A Dog, since we already have a huge stock of pictures of dogs from the Lecollie business, and for me personally, watching dogs really has been giving me lessons in life. All the wording in the calendar I wrote from my own observations.

Last year we’re working with our good friends Belinda and Siswanto in SIEM Offset, but this year we’re trying out doing a project with Om Sugi from NAB Classic. Both of them did excellent job when it comes to design and printing execution, I cannot recommend them enough for your wedding printing needs.

Apologies for the late release that. We know that this is March, so we’re making this a March to March Calendar 🙂

And now, to worry about next year’s.

UPDATE: We’re giving them away folks. If you want one you can fill out the comments below with your email and your line of work. If selected we’ll send them your way. Out of towners might have to chip in delivery fee. While supplies lasts.

2 responses to “Our Calendar for 2012”

  1. I want one, how to have it?

  2. Riawan says:

    Kalian (ESP) selalu tahu bagaimana “men-stretch diri” untuk menghasilkan karya, tidak hanya terbaik yg bisa diberikan, tapi apa yang dianggap terbaik untuk klien..

    Mau :)..
    Suryavi : BTL advertising..

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