Instawall: A Simple Yet Gorgeous Do-It-Yourself Project For You

I’m sure we’re not the first one to make this since I saw the idea on the internet quite a while back. It stuck on my head because of its simplicity and striking factor. It was not until last year that we finally made one for the office. Every time guests come by, they always stop at our stairs and spend quite some time there asking stories about the pictures. It’s definitely an ‘art piece’ to consider when you’re looking for decorations for your home or office.

We thought it will be cool to make a video showing to you how to make one for yourself. We never had the time to do the project but eventually last week, the five photographers gathered to shoot this quick video.

If this has inspired you in any way to make your very own Instawall, please tell us in the comments and also you can post the finished pictures of them in our Facebook wall for all to see.

We really think that this is a great, functional, easy and cheap way to decorate a lot of people’s homes, and we want to see a lot of people doing it, so please help us by sharing this to your friends and loved ones.

Thanks again!

[vimeo id=”42698506″]

English subtitled:

[vimeo id=”42701144″]

12 responses to “Instawall: A Simple Yet Gorgeous Do-It-Yourself Project For You”

  1. Evyhwe says:

    Like it !!! Like it !!! Like it !!!

  2. Charles Chai says:

    Very good idea, ESP. creative…. mau juga ah…

  3. Ayuanita says:

    Very inspirational 🙂 like it…

  4. GeoffreyDermawan says:

    thanks for the idea! .. i have so many boring wall in my house =P …. ngeprint fotonya pake printer apa yaaa? =)

  5. Love it, bisa jadi project kalo someday punya rumah (as we are nomadic – tunawisma now)
    Atau…. nge-litter dinding rumahnya ortu aja ya….?

  6. Jane says:

    Great job! I’ve done it a year ago.. but not as tidy as yours 🙂 

  7. Nico Santoso says:

    kmaren ke esp liat, baru mau nanya ukuran foto nya apa 🙂 

  8. kereeeeeen… cobaa ah

  9. Sintia Verianti says:

    one word. insipiring! 🙂

  10. Farid says:

    itu foto yang disitu ukurannya 4R kan, terus ngeditnya pake apa biar jadi hasil kaya polaroid gitu?

  11. Andi says:

    tanya dong, saya sudah beli mdf, itu motongnya bisa rapi gitu pake apa yah? saya pake gergaji kecil susah dan mencong-mencong, ukuran mdf saya tebalnya 3 mm

  12. vivi says:

    Hai ini saya sudah coba buat. karena mengerjakan sendiri, cuma pakai styrofoam dan map bekas hahahaha

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