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A Teamwork
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I’m stealing a post here 🙂

Not too often that I put up a post about an album arriving in our hands. But this one wowed me.

Henry took the shots, and then Vienna chose, composed and designed them.

I’m just enjoying every flip of the pages. Wow.

This gets you thinking.

From the moment the camera clicks, an image has a long way before it reached its ‘peaked’ purpose of life. The camera click is just a beginning. Then the image gets selected, edited, retouched, enhanced, composed, and finally, printed.

I’ve often said to our retouchers and editors and designers:

“The images our photographers took are just an infant. Frail and delicate. It is your duty to guard, nurture and prep them for prime time, which is when the album finally reach the client’s hand.

It is a long journey, and the image could die in any step, in your very hands.

Don’t let it.”

For these images of Rafael and Iona, they sure are primed and ready for the client’s hands.

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