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My 5 Tips On How To Have The Best Bridal Party
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I’ve wrote that I will be sharing tips on how to do your wedding right? This is one of the many post to come. They will be put into If It Was My Wedding category. Enjoy.

Isn’t it nice?

The rows of dresses and suits on your wedding pictures will definetely look good. But most of all, you’ll remember that the most important day of your live is the one where you spent it with some of the most important people in your life too.

I’ve shot countless weddings, and I’ve observed many things along the way. Here’s my five tips on how to have the best briday party ever:

1. Choose the people that’s important to you

You’d think that this is obvious, but many times brides and grooms have a lot of other factors, from the political issues in friendships or families, up to the height of the guy or the more good looking (really). Important people in your life will know what to do and how to behave, and most importantly, they are going to be there genuinely feeling happy for you. If you can have people that grow up together with you, that’s even more awesome.

2. Have the people ‘responsible’ for you two getting married

If there was ever anybody that played matchmaker for you guys, or supportive in your relationship hardest times, they should be there. Having them around while you are realizing that you wouldn’t be here if he did not introduce you to her, that’s just priceless. Have a two minute quiet time together, telling him how you are thankful for him. And for that matchmaker, well, he could provide a lot of anecdotes and behind-the-scene stories of the awkward introduction for the wedding toast speech. And for those who helped you through your toughest times, well, there should be a lot of tears there 🙂

3. Do not choose quantity over quality

Hey, I know first hand in looking great in pictures 🙂 But with the exception of the lunch meal in your college days, we know that quality is better than quantity. If you can have a lot of people that you are close with, that’s good! I’ve shot a 10 couple bridal party (that’s 22 people including the bride and the groom) and it was truly one of the best I’ve ever had. But I’ve also shot 5 couples bridal party that was obvious they were ‘added’ to the list just to make the picture look good.

Being a member of the bridal party is nasty business. This is not even your wedding day, but you have to wake up in the morning, do make-up, stay for the ceremonies, help the bride with her cellphone and tissue and gown’s tail and a lot of other things. If for the people that love you dearly it is already a tiring chore, can you imagine if the ones doing it was just a nobody? Would they be happy? Think about it 🙂

The result is the grumpy faces and the nowhere-to-be-found bridesmaids. I’ve had a few 🙂

So really, it’s not a problem that you’re close to only 2 girls or two boys. I’ve shot a one couple bridal party that was absolutely beautiful, and the memory of the day preserved to be real and honest.

4. Pick those with helpful hands and team spirit

I’ve seen bridesmaids that are interested in their own dress and make up that she stalled everyone else, even the bride 🙂 And I’ve also seen a bridal party that became a ‘wall’ for an upset mother so the bride could carry on having a good time without noticing anything wrong. Some people are just helpful, and they know they ‘serve’ you that day. So anything that they can do to make you feel better, to protect you from any unnecessary noises and hassle, they will do it. These kinds are the ones that are most impressive to me 🙂 Also the ones that are quick on damage control: ripped dress, upset moms, sick bride. They are just A.W.E.S.O.M.E. If you’re lucky enough to have those people, make sure you pick ’em.

5. Include the crazy ones

And lastly, do include those without shame and self-respect. They will be the life of the group, provide jokes when needed, cheer you up when you’re down, and they look totally awesome on camera. Nothing like a private clown to follow you around all day, eh? Usually in a typical friendship group, there’s bound to be one or two of this kind. And mind you, they’re not always necessary boys. I’ve met girls that were even funnier than me. Ha! Now that’s a precious gem.

An important note: Yes, “Fun” can be generated, but only to certain extent. All the brides and the grooms in the world want their bridal party to be fun-looking, but ahem, you guys have to have ‘it’ in the first place. You could hire the best photographer (ahem please call Evy 08161391059 for more info), but even the funnest photographer can only do so much.

Many times I’ve had brides tell me “Come on, shot the crazy poses!” and I’ve done all I can to relax and lighten up the atmosphere, only to be met with grumpy looks of the bridal party, kinda like saying “Are we done here? It’s hot you know, didn’t you notice?” 🙂 That’s why point number 1 is important.

But even if you’re not that type, not that kinda gang, hey: It’s alright! People tend to forget this 😉 drowned in the funnest pictures they see in blogs and magazines. If you guys are not that type, we’ll still have fun, we’ll still be looking gorgeous in the pictures, in our own way.

That’s about it. I hope these little tips will help you pick the best team to support you guys on your wedding day.

One last tip: Have time to really tell them how much you are grateful for them. Show your gratitude. Go for a fancy lunch. Give them two nights in the hotel, send them to a spa or something, and they know for sure that this friendship is also mean a lot for you guys.

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  1. Ah, what a great post. Having been part of a bridal party 3 times, not to mention seeing the saga on my two sisters wedding, I can attest to many of the points above.

    It takes two to tango – the bride & groom appreciating the hard work done by the bridesmaids & groomsmen, and vice versa, knowing it is the couples important day – that would create a fun, loving and enjoyable day. And yes, if it’s not based on love and friendship, why would you want to go through all the trouble, right?

    I really enjoy this post. And btw, 10 couples bridal party? Wowza! 🙂