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Remember That Good Things Still Happen
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[youtube id=”fHHmsVa555Y”]

This clip exactly says what I want to say.

Granted there’s so many news, issues and conflicts in the world today that break our hearts, rage our anger, and sadden our souls, it’s perfectly logical for us to give up hope on humanity’s goodness and kindness.

But let us not forget the things that did not make it to the front pages and news channels.

Everyday little things that make life worth living: A mother’s laughter, a hug, a ‘yes’ answer, a chocolate bar, a father’s drop of sweat, a stare from a boy, a selfless choice, a text of good news, a doctor smiling, a giggle of an infant.

I always try to remember those things everytime I get overwhelmed by the cruel and depressing news from all over the world.

Not that I want to run away from reality, but to put things more fairly, that despite the ugly things that make the headlines, there’s still a lot of good things happening in all corners of the world, sometimes only captured silently by the security cameras.

Let’s not forget that. Let’s be fair.

Such a beautiful video. I don’t care if it’s a commercial video (an ad), but it says a point very clearly.

PS: I really-really love the stealing kiss bit.

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