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Making History, One Step At A Time
Edward Suhadi comment 2 Comments
One of my earliest meetings designing the new office.

Tomorrow is a big day for us.

I will be signing the papers that will officially sell this office where I am writing right now, and the papers that will officially complete the buy for the new space we’re moving into.

It is such a massive amount of money for such a good space on a very good location. Renovation is happening as we speak.

Preparing to come home from an empty office this late, I just sank into my chair as I am collecting my thoughts on this new adventure we’re taking. Such magnitude.

When was all of this happened?

– – – – –

On the opening day of Lagu Baru Exhibition, a young photographer friend came to visit. While talking along we got to me asking him this question, “What is your dream?”

He looked around the dimly lit exhibition space, briefly examining the pictures hanging on the walls and then said, “This. I dream of this. I want to have my own exhibition someday.”

Then he looked at me, “I want to be like you.”

I was blushing there for a good second.

And then I said to him,

“You know, I never planned for any of this. I am no genius. We weren’t planning on going to the depths of Indonesian islands to take pictures. We weren’t planning to meet with Indonesia Mengajar. We sure were not planning to have an exhibition of this size when we decided to go.

Everything is just a little step after a little step.

We decided back then that we want to have a break from shooting weddings. Then we accidently met with Indonesia Mengajar. Then we decided to go. We did not plan on having an exhibition with the pictures. Coming back from the trip, we did had a plan to have one, but things never really got into motion. If you must know, we decided to have this Lagu Baru just three months ago. The Lagu Baru movie? I never expected to premiere such an emotional documentary movie.

Having a solo exhibition is every artist’s dream. This is my first. And yes this is a dream come true for me.

But I never had this in my mind. I don’t have a grand master plan on where I will be and what I will be doing in five years. I do have a vision, a strong one, on what I want to do with my life and with this business.

But planning the events that are leading to it? You can never know.

Conditions change, people change, markets change, the rules change. If you spend your time and energy on always planning for the far future, you’re just wasting your time. You’ll be frustrated without really moving anywhere.

My advice to you: Dream high, think short, and act now.

Spend your energy for the things that are in front of you. Intersection after intersection. Choose the uncomfortable ones. Make the hard choices. Go where few people are going.

If you chose something, do it whole-heartedly. Don’t stop too often for thinking about the future. Plan, but don’t over-plan. The right things will either bump you on your path or they will come knock on your door when you are ready.

If your hands are holding a project right now, make sure it is the best darn project you ever made. And the next one should be a better one.

And before you know it, you’re booking your own exhibition space.”

– – – – –

This is a true story, really 🙂

I am recollecting my own words while thinking about this huge milestone I am taking tomorrow.

If you must know, 4 months ago, in a middle of a low sales year, we wouldn’t dream of moving to a space this big. Everything just happened so fast.

I’ve never dreamed of having an office so huge so early my business journey. We did plan on moving someday, but not this fast and not this high.

I just took one small step, see where it got me, then I took another.

A decision after a decision. Choosing the uncomfortable ones. Making the hard choices.

The fact that we’re moving to our dream office, maybe that means we’re ready for this.

I’ll see you tomorrow.


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  1. Congrats for the new office.. Hoping it will be another foundation for you an esp team next bigger dreams…
    Dream High, Think Short Act Now…
    Nice one.. Kalo gua biasanya bilang
    I Dont know how to do it but i will achieve my dreams…