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We're Going To The Disco
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Today, 26th of February of 2013 is moving day.

Edward Suhadi Productions started in a little office room, then we moved into a rented house, then we moved again into teeny small house that we could afford to buy, and now, we’re moving to a nice, spacious, on the main-street space that is truly ours. Our new home.

It will have cozy lounges, meeting rooms, a full-set kitchen, one floor of production, an open deck for rooftop garden and barbecue, a spacious parking space, and lastly, my favorite: a huge, no beams studio space.

We’re calling it The Disco.

Dreams, because the space itself is a life-long dream. A respected place with maximum functionality al the while looking good. And more importantly it is a ground to grow a lot of our future dreams.

Ignite, because we want to place to always gives us a spark. Be it the enthusiasm in a project, the bravery that will hatch new ideas, the will to make each other teammates a better person, or just making you feeling the good vibe walking into work.

School, because it is a place for a lot of people to learn. I always love the idea that people come to join us with nothing other than a strong will to learn, and then finding himself to be a mature and masterful person.

Collaborations, because we want the place to be a fertile soil for future collaborations with fellow artists, businessmen, activists. Making the kind of a dent that we cannot achieve on our own.

Opportunities, because with what the space has to offer, we hope for a lot more diverse, profitable, impactful, and interesting ventures in the future.

But most importantly, we couldn’t find any other cooler name.

I mean imagine saying,
“I’ll see you at The Disco at 7, k?” or
“We’re going to The Disco. Are you coming?”

It sparks creativity, energy, and a little bit of craziness fun.

It’s just perfect.

We need your support on this. Your prayers.

It’s a giant leap of faith, but we know with God’s help and your support, we’ll make it, and all those abbreviations are not only minced words but something that is so true.

I’ll see you at The Disco.


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