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Give Pictures Some Time
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I stumbled on this picture:

It was when we just moved to our Kosambi Dalam office.

Mbak Yanti was still thin (!), Evy was still with her very long hair (I don’t even remember how she looked with the long hair), and Wiji was painting the wall black for us to write on countless discussions in the future.

The picture evoked sweetness. You know, when you did not realize your lips were slowly forming a smile.

I look at the date, it was January 2011. Two years ago.

I realized that the picture is just a snapshot. Just a click of a camera phone when nobody was even looking.

Back then, the picture probably worth nothing.

But now, like I said, it evoked sweetness. I found myself smiling looking at it.

This led me to a theory, that when a picture is fresh, a lot of irrelevant things become a very big deal. The composition, the background, the bokeh, the lighting, the rim lights, the awesomeness factor, everything becomes a big thing. Every little detail becomes a headache.

But if you give it time, a lot of those things fade away, and you’re left with the most important thing:
The memories. Sweet memories.

Do not forget why you take pictures. #PicturesToRemember

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