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We Recommended: ROC 'N RON Barbecue
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On this blog I have always wanted to share a good product or a good experience that I had, especially when I know the owner personally. I get a decent traffic to this website, and I believe the people who come here, besides looking for our portfolio, they also want to get other valuable/entertaining information.

Why? Because as one business man to another, I know how valuable a credible recommendation is for a start-up business. And who doesn’t love to help a friend?

So from time to time I’ll be curating good experiences and I’m gonna share them here. Please note that these recommendations will not be sponsored/paid. These are honest tips for places of business that I think deserve more crowd and attention.

So here’s the first:

We Recommend: ROC ‘N RON Barbecue.

The owner is a client of mine, and last nite I dine there for a meeting.

It was a blissfull experience. I had their specialty: which is the Baby Back Ribs. The meat was heavenly, so tender falling off the bone so easily, and the sauce was right on the money. I like the mashed potato, which was roasted briefly after they put it on the plate so they have this crust on the top.

I found out after that the man behind the ribs is a former chef Uncle Tony R*mas. And seriously, I couldn’t tell the difference.

They serve local and imported beers, and they have decent outdoor hangout place.

The place is spanking clean with good service.

The downside? It was practically empty 🙁

Granted I was there on a Tuesday night, but I believe the place really-really deserve more attention. At least people have to try it. With their very reasonable price (80k for a full length local baby back rack and two generous side dishes) people will come back for more.

I really want to help them. More people need to know. And last night, driving home from the place, I had this crazy idea. After a phone call to the owner, we sealed the deal.

And here it is:

From today up to this Sunday (27-31 March), when you say “EDWARD SUHADI GANTENG” when you ask for the bill, you will get a 20% discount on your food!

The only reason drinks were not discounted is because his cashier system is not programmed to have drinks discounted. “My drinks are cheap,” he said.

They don’t only serve pork baby-back. But they serve beef ribs too, and tenderloin and sirloin steaks, pasta, and other western food.

But seriously, if you eat pork: You gotta try the baby back ribs. The one in the picture above is more than enough for two ladies.

Here’s their location:

View ROC N RON in a larger map

Basically if RCTI is on your left (beside Tol Kebun Jeruk) – go straight – you’ll see SILOAM HOSPITAL – go straight – you’ll see FOOD HALL – go straight – you’ll see an overpass – go straight 100 metres – it’s on your left.

Try it, trust me you wont be dissapointed. Perfect for celebrations with the office team, friends hangouts, a family meal, or even a romantic hearthy dinner.

Remember, only until this Sunday, and don’t forget to say “EDWARD SUHADI GANTENG”.

Please help spread this word around. I am also curious how far this will go 🙂

Thank you all for your shares 🙂

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