Your Microphone To The World

Just another project.

Another wedding. Another prewedding. Another presentation. Another product development. Another exhibition. Another meeting. Another column. Another movie. Another book. Another budget report. Another collaboration.

If you are a professional and there’s a reputation behind you, that means you must be good at what you do and you have been doing this for quite a long time.

Well, long enough to feel that this is just another [insert project] here.

We will do ‘as we used to’ professionally, and the clients or whoever at the other end will be delighted and satisfied for we have delivered what we have promised.

Nobody’s upset. Everyone’s happy. End of story. Another day gone by. Switching the lights off on our way out.

But what if?

What if we treat every project as a chance? As an opportunity to tell the world whatever it is that we want to say?

Today where everyone could have a webpage that everyone in the world could open, where everything gets retweeted and forwarded, we have this opportunity.

Imagine this broadcasting studio, where you could walk in, shut the door, stand in front of the microphone, flip the switch, and whatever you say is broadcasted on speakers all over the world.

What are you going to say if you stand in front of such microphone?

Will you use that microphone to say that your work are amazingly beautiful?
That you have taste?
That you stand for something?
That you are this new upcoming talent?
That you are revolutionary?
That you are building a new point of view?
That you make work that is making a mark in your industry?
That you are giving all you got?

Or, will you use that microphone to say that you suck?
That you can only do what you did yesterday?
That you are only here to do as you’re required to do?
That you do work that is forgettable?
That you are boring?
That you can’t wait to go home and play facebook?
That your winning days are over?

Most definetely not, right?

Sadly these are what we do most of the time.

We fail to realize that the microphone is switched on everytime we do a project, and instead of trying to say anything interesting and have the world to look at us, we broadcast that we are here just to do the job. As required.

And we fail to realize, that the microphone is not ours to use.

When a trusting client/producer/boss/leader gives us complete freedom with his/her project, that’s when the microphone is shoved in front of our faces.

This does not come often.

But when it does, it is your chance to wow the world.

Or to let the world know that you suck big time.

Every project is a microphone connected to the world. So, what are you going to say?

The world is listening.

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