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Pictures and Videos of TEDxJakarta: Generation: Anxious
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TEDxJakarta will always have a special place in my heart.

Sitting in one of their past events, I was moved to make the Indonesia Mengajar trip that is still defining my life until now.

And chatting with one of its founder Tika, I am glad that the feeling’s mutual. “You are one of our first and most concrete example of how a person sitting in a TED talk can actually go out there and do something. When meetings sponsors and organizers, we always tell your story.”

And I am more than lucky that my schedule this year permits me to sit and watch the talks again. More than that, we were honored to be able to support this time through pictures and videos.

Thank you for all the Edward Suhadi Productions team that has contributed their time and effort. I know you guys too felt lucky to be taking part 🙂

Thank you for all the ganks of TEDxJakarta, Arif and Tika and Santi and all of yous that has been giving the best for TEDxJakarta to keep happening. No they’re not just feel-good talks. They’re a place to inspire and connect and collaborate to contribute something to Indonesia dan the world. Once in a while, there’s someone in the crowd that will go out and do something. Like yours truly 🙂

Enjoy the pictures and videos.

Here’s the video of the preparations the day before:
[vimeo id=”66042296″]

Here’s the video of the day of the event:
[vimeo id=”66048207″]

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