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Inviting You To The Disco Open House
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We sure hope you know what The Disco is by now 🙂

We’ve written a lot about the journey to our new home by now. From its purchase, the difficult journey we had, the move in, up until the last minute setup of the place. You can see the posts here

And we’ve done a little house warming to a limited number of families and friends. Limited is only because of the limited space we had. We didn’t want too many people get squeezed uncomfortably 🙂

We felt kinda bad not being able to invite everyone, so at the end of that post I promised to arrange another time for all of you guys to come and visit.

Well, this is that time 🙂

We’re inviting you to the first The Disco Open House

Jalan Wijaya Kusuma No 37 B – right behind The Twin Plaza Hotel Slipi

13 June (Thursday) until 16th June (Sunday) of 2013

Opening hours: on 13+14 June doors open from 3 pm to 8 pm, on 15+16 June doors open from 12pm to 5pm

Q: “How do I get there and where do I park?”
A: Either you come in from Slipi or Wijaya Kusuma, you could park on The Hotel Twin Plaza (at the back parking lot). Then just walk out of the parking gate, and we are right across the street. Don’t worry, we have an arrangement with the cool management at The Hotel so it is definetely okay to park there 🙂 Have a look at the map below.

Q: “I’m sorry, so what is it again?”
A: Edward Suhadi Productions is opening up our new home The Disco for all of you to come visit. Have a look around the interior design, browse through our latest work, then grab a cup of coffee and chat to get to know us better. And for interested couples, you could book us right then and there!

Q: “Is there any ‘specials’ when we book a photographer on this particular open house?”
A: Ahem. Of course 🙂 Come and find out.

Q: “What are you guys going to do with the place?”
A: Well, instead of our everyday setting, we will be adding an extra touch here and there, and we will also be constructing a cool exhibition room in our new studio, showing off our photographers and videographers latest work.

Q: “So is it open for couples only?”
A: No! We’re inviting a lot of people to come. A lot of wedding vendors, our previous couples, and also professionals, colleagues and friends that has shown interest in our work and The Disco.

Q: “I never met you guys before, and I am probably not in a hurry to book our wedding documentation. Should I come?”
A: Of course. Like we said, this is not only for those wanting to book us. We would love to meet new people and get connected. Who knows what our encounter will bring 🙂

Q: “I’m a wedding vendor, and I would like to introduce our business to you guys. Also I might be asking my clients to meet me at The Disco Can I come?”
A: Yes and yes! Please! We have lots of meeting corners for you to use.

Q: “So I could just come at the designated time to the above adress?”
A: Yes! You could just walk in. We’ll be ready. Although we would love it if you could SMS Evy at 0816 139 1059 your arrival date and time, just so we are extra ready 🙂

Q: “Can I bring food?”
A: It’s a dark day in humanity when people don’t allow other people to come and bring food. Yes please. We are starving here, y’know 😉 We have prepared some snacks but additional ammunition is always welcomed.

Q: “Can I share this to a friend?”
A: We would LOVE it if you could share this to a friend. Actually we NEED your help in sharing this to a friend. Please do, and thank you 🙂

Q: “So is that it?”
A: Yes, that’s about it. We’ll be busy preparing The Disco, and can’t wait to see you here.

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